Random: Someone 3D-Scanned The Game Boy That Survived The Gulf War

Reading Time: 3 minutes Image: fuzzcat Probably everyone who’s ever cared about video games knows about the Gulf War Game Boy — the handheld console that survived a bombing during Operation Desert Storm, albeit a little worse for wear. Its outer shell is warped and melted, its buttons are covered in blisters, and the whole thing is covered in … Read more

Another Nintendo Console Has Gotten An Upgrade, But It’s From 18 Years Ago

Reading Time: 5 minutes © Nintendo Life You can keep your fancy-pants Switch OLED Models, chum – for retro fans, the news that the GBA SP is getting a battery upgrade is arguably more exciting (‘arguably’ being the operative word here). While older Nintendo systems like the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance have been subject to some really … Read more

Take A Look At ‘Planet Hop’, A Charming New Game Boy Title

Reading Time: 4 minutes Though the hardware is long discontinued, there’s something about the Game Boy that continues to attract eager coders and game makers. Part of it will be nostalgia and ongoing admiration for the system, while there’s also a distinct challenge to making games that fully utilise modest retro hardware. There’s now another new developer producing an … Read more

This Adapter Lets You Play Game Boy Cartridges On Your PC, And It Even Detects Fakes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Now, here’s a handy-sounding device for any Game Boy fans out there. The GB Operator, a cute little adapter from Epilogue, lets owners play and manage their collection of Game Boy cartridges on PC. Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance carts are all supported, and the application used to play the … Read more