Senators will ‘get the job done’ on infrastructure: Chuck Schumer – Times of India

Reading Time: 10 minutes WASHINGTON: Unable to produce the final text of a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure bill, the Senate wrapped up a rare Saturday session making little visible progress on the legislative package, but Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer vowed the work would get done. The Senate planned to reconvene on Sunday. Senators and staff have been laboring … Read more

GOP Congresscritter Chip Roy Threw a DEFCON-1 Tantrum About the House Mask Mandate

Reading Time: 12 minutes Chip SomodevillaGetty Images WASHINGTON—I’m back, ye pack o’bastids. The free ride is over. I haven’t been here since the first time they impeached the last guy, and if that isn’t the damndest sentence I’ve ever written about American politics, it’ll do until another one comes along. We are in the middle of the end-of-session bloodbath … Read more

US President Joe Biden stumps for McAuliffe in early test of political clout – Times of India

Reading Time: 12 minutes ARLINGTON: President Joe Biden led the kind of campaign rally that was impossible last year because of the pandemic, speaking before nearly 3,000 people in support of a fellow moderate Democrat whose race for Virginia governor could serve as a test of Biden’s own strength and coattails. Biden motorcade across the Potomac River on Friday … Read more

James Craig: Ex-Detroit chief James Craig launches Michigan governor campaign | World News – Times of India

Reading Time: 5 minutes LANSING, MICHIGAN: Republican ex-Detroit police chief James Craig launched his campaign for governor on Wednesday, seeking to become Michigan’s first Black governor with a “law-and-order” message and criticism of coronavirus orders issued by Democrat Gretchen Whitmer. Craig, the eighth GOP candidate to enter the race, is the best known and is considered a serious contender, … Read more

Covid-19: US grappling with ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ – Times of India

Reading Time: 8 minutes WASHINGTON: Two weeks after celebrating America’s near “independence” from the coronavirus, President Joe Biden is confronting the worrying reality of rising cases and deaths – and the limitations of his ability to combat the persistent vaccine hesitance responsible for the summer backslide. Cases of Covid-19 have tripled over the past three weeks, and hospitalizations and … Read more

Amid growing frustration, White House pushes voting rights – Times of India

Reading Time: 10 minutes WASHINGTON: The Biden administration on Thursday unveiled new efforts to help protect voting rights as complaints have grown louder from civil rights activists and other Democrats that the White House has not done enough to fight attempts by several Republican-led state legislatures to restrict access to the ballot. President Joe Biden met with civil rights … Read more

Parts of sweeping new Georgia election law debated in court – Times of India

Reading Time: 8 minutes ATLANTA: Voting integrity activists argue that several parts of Georgia’s new election law criminalize normal election observation activities, while the state asserts that those provisions reinforce previous protections and are necessary for election integrity. US District Judge J.P. Boulee heard arguments Thursday on the activists’ request that he bar election officials from enforcing those provisions, … Read more