Flutter Tutorial | Flutter Tutorial for Beginners – Great Learning

Reading Time: 33 minutes Contributed by: Kalyan Raman Like the Linux or Windows operating system that controls your desktop or laptop, a mobile operating system or mobile OS is a software platform that helps other programs run on mobile devices. This platform is specifically designed to run on devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, tablet computers and other … Read more

How to make a successful moment marketing campaign – Great Learning

Reading Time: 13 minutes Introduction Moment marketing campaigns have proven to be an effective strategy when marketers find it challenging to connect with their audience. These campaigns increase customer engagement and help companies stay relevant in the digital age. Companies such as Amul, Paytm, Zomato, Netflix, Fevicol, Burger King, and KFC are making the most of this strategy to … Read more

15 Great Topic Ideas For Content Writing

Reading Time: 41 minutes Download ebook Post Views: 85 Content! Content! Content! What is content all about???? Do you know what is Content? What is the job of a Content Writer? What skills does a Content Writer needs? Is Content Writing hard? These questions surely arise in every individual’s mind. All those who think that content … Read more

Top 6 Cloud Computing Projects to get you hired in 2021 – Great Learning

Reading Time: 17 minutes Introduction to Cloud Computing Projects Top 6 Cloud Computing Projects Conclusion Introduction to Cloud Computing Projects Cloud computing is one of the most renowned and in-demand new technologies of the era. It provides computer system resources like computing power and data storage to the end-users. Big Giants like Microsoft, Google & AWS Amazon were the … Read more

Examples of Great Connected Packaging

Reading Time: 13 minutes Share: Connected packaging is the new solution to increase engagement, drive sales through web traffic and to raise brand awareness. In this article, we will let you know what connected packaging is, its benefits and our favorite examples of how brands use it to better connect to consumers. Connected packaging … Read more

Highest Paying Jobs in the US in 2021 – Great Learning

Reading Time: 12 minutes 2020 saw many people losing their jobs due to the COVID situation. But as now things are getting better in 2021, we are seeing a bounce in the job market. With the employment picture correcting its course in the US, the maximum jobs generated are in the technology sector. The US unemployment rate fell from … Read more

How eCommerce Brands Can Achieve Great Results

Reading Time: 10 minutes By the end of 2020, global advertisement spending is projected to reach $656 billion. With this in mind, when thinking about your own business, you may be questioning: are ads important for a brand to thrive? Before setting up any budget for marketing and advertising, your brand must first think of possible … Read more

How to create a Content Marketing Plan – Great Learning

Reading Time: 18 minutes A content marketing plan is more than just content. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and revisiting your content plan is an essential step that should not be overlooked. Content planning is a strategic approach to creating valuable, relatable, and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience. The first step is to understand what … Read more

Fundamentals of Cloud Management for CIOs – Great Learning

Reading Time: 16 minutes Global Computer network with cloud computing Introduction Cloud management is the organized administration and maintenance of public, private, and hybrid clouds. Cloud management services combine different technologies to deliver a compatible process.  A CIO entails hashing out a cloud computing strategy. Deciding whether to build a private cloud or public cloud system while keeping others … Read more

A refueling pitstop on our Mission marathon – joining forces with BYJU’s – Great Learning

Reading Time: 7 minutes Eight years back, we founded Great Learning based on a simple, but strong belief – anyone with the desire to learn and willing to put in the effort should have access to high quality education that can transform their careers and lives. The basis for this belief came from our own experiences – my team and … Read more