What Happened When A Great Molasses Flood Took Over In Boston

Reading Time: 28 minutes Even though it happened over 100 years ago, the Great Molasses Flood made its mark as one of the most bizarre and tragic stories in food history. On a cold winter day in Boston, MA, just around lunchtime, a tank of molasses exploded in the city’s North End. Over two million gallons of the sugary … Read more

Getter and Setter in Java – Great Learning

Reading Time: 17 minutes 3d illustration text of java on abstract background Introduction In most of the classes, a rule is there that its property is private property. And as we know the classes represent the object, and we always wanted the properties of our object in a secured format. However, we already know that the private properties or … Read more

OOPs Concepts in Python – Great Learning

Reading Time: 23 minutes Python Programming Language on server room background. Programing workflow abstract algorithm concept on virtual screen. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), is tied in with making “objects”. An object is a gathering of interrelated factors and capacities. These factors are regularly alluded to as properties of the object and capacities are alluded to as the conduct of the … Read more

What job would suit me? – Great Learning

Reading Time: 16 minutes Introduction The question we constantly face when we are growing up is, “What do you want to become in your life.” The answers used to change continuously during different ages. During those times, answering that question was pretty straightforward without much thought process. However, once we reach the stage where we have to make the … Read more

Key Differences between Undergraduate and Graduate Study – Great Learning

Reading Time: 13 minutes Undergraduate people are those who are still pursuing a bachelor’s degree while graduate are people who are pursuing a masters degree after attaining a bachelor’s degree. The undergraduate degree offers you general and fundamental knowledge on the subject while graduate study makes you specialized and expert on that subject. An undergraduate degree prepares you to … Read more

12 Things you should never do at an Interview – Great Learning

Reading Time: 15 minutes Business people in the office Introduction Going for an interview could be a little stressful. We decide to give our best during an interview and look positive on our great day. Implement positivity and confidence in your coming interview by avoiding these 12 things during your interview. Explore professional courses designed and delivered by industry professionals. 12 … Read more

7 Things you should know about career change at 30! – Great Learning

Reading Time: 13 minutes “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work again. – Unknown“ Career change, like so many other key life milestones, has become flexible to change. In the current era, it is not uncommon for people of all ages to consider and pursue a Career Change. At the age of 30, you … Read more


Reading Time: 15 minutes group discussion Group discussion is when a group of people comes together to discuss a certain topic. Many Recruiters use group discussion (GD) to test a candidate’s communication skills, leadership skills, test topic knowledge, etc. There are also two other types in GD that test the lateral thinking of a candidate. It is a short … Read more

Top Machine Learning Projects in 2021 – Great Learning

Reading Time: 26 minutes Introduction As per the current scenario, AI being the talk of the town, machine learning is witnessing an immense growth in its popularity.  Machine learning is one of the major streams of AI as it possesses a significant position in determining the trends and behaviours of a mass of the people via a given dataset. … Read more

Release the Holiday Pressure With These Great Instant Pot Ideas

Reading Time: 13 minutes This holiday season, spend more time with friends and family and less time fussing in the kitchen. The Instant Pot Duo EVO is the perfect gadget to assist you with breakfast prep on hectic weekday mornings or to help you impress party guests with decadent desserts, like homemade cheesecake. With over 20 different enhancements, the … Read more