Inside Our Engineering Mentorship Program and How It Helps Our Engineers Grow

Reading Time: 16 minutes Our Engineering team is the largest team at Buffer. It has a lot of moving pieces and is composed of several smaller teams. As with any large team, we’re keen to make sure no one individual lacks guidance or an opportunity to grow. In this post, I’ll share a little bit more about how we’ve … Read more

8 Incredible Ways Digital Marketing Helps Small and Medium Businesses Flourish

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Farmer’s Son Helps 125 Marginalized Students Access Higher Education & Fellowships

Reading Time: 16 minutes Recently, 28-year-old Raju Jijabai Aatmaram Kendre made headlines for winning the UK’s Chevening Scholarship in June this year. This is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered to international students and young changemakers looking to pursue higher studies in the country. Raju, who received a scholarship worth Rs 45 lakh to cover all his expenses, … Read more

From 13000 Kms Away, NRI Helps 5 Kids Stay In School. Here’s How You Can Too

Reading Time: 15 minutes One of the best outcomes of technological advancements and social media is the blurring of boundaries and distance. The world is becoming a global village and Shaloo Jeswani (48), who has spent two decades of her life in the US, agrees completely. After having worked with an IT company for many years, she decided to … Read more

Vyrill, winner of the TC Early Stage pitch-off, helps brands discover and leverage user-generated video reviews – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 4 minutes Vyrill helps brands discover and leverage video reviews created by authentic customers and users. The company presented its product at TechCrunch Early Stage: Marketing and Fundraising, where it beat out nine other companies, winning the pitch-off. The judges were impressed with Vyrill’s novel approach and innovative technology around discovering and filtering relevant videos. This is … Read more

This AI Helps Police Monitor Social Media. Does It Go Too Far?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Since 2016, civil liberties groups have raised alarms about online surveillance of social media chatter by city officials and police departments. Services like Media Sonar, Social Sentinel, and Geofeedia analyze online conversations, clueing in police and city leaders to what hundreds of thousands of users are saying online. Zencity, an Israeli data-analysis firm that serves … Read more

Rasgo, a GitHub-like repository which helps data scientists explore, clean, join, and transform data sets for machine learning models, raises $20M Series A (AlleyWatch)

Reading Time: 2 minutes AlleyWatch: Rasgo, a GitHub-like repository which helps data scientists explore, clean, join, and transform data sets for machine learning models, raises $20M Series A  —  Data science is highly coveted and championed because its use extracts insights that transform data into tangible value. #Rasgo #GitHublike #repository #helps #data #scientists #explore #clean #join #transform #data #sets … Read more