Oh, Bird: Check Out Crowsworn, A Bloodborne-y Metroidvania That’s A Hit On Kickstarter

Reading Time: 4 minutes Enough games have taken their cues from From Software’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne games that “Souls-like” is beginning to become its own genre, but we can’t say that we mind — especially when the games look this good. Crowsworn is unabashedly Bloodborne-y in its presentation, with cathedrals and Victorian lampposts up the wazoo, plus the … Read more

Paper Mario-Style Adventure ‘The Outbound Ghost’ Is Now Live On Kickstarter

Reading Time: 4 minutes Good news for people who love flat things and ghosts: The Outbound Ghost, an indie Paper Mario-like adventure game, is now live on Kickstarter, where you can back it for any amount from One Swiss Franc (get yer name in the credits) to 2,775 Swiss Francs (about £2k or $3k) if you want to be … Read more

Take A Look At ‘Planet Hop’, A Charming New Game Boy Title

Reading Time: 4 minutes Though the hardware is long discontinued, there’s something about the Game Boy that continues to attract eager coders and game makers. Part of it will be nostalgia and ongoing admiration for the system, while there’s also a distinct challenge to making games that fully utilise modest retro hardware. There’s now another new developer producing an … Read more