How to Brown Butter (plus the BEST ways to use it!) | Ambitious Kitchen

Reading Time: 15 minutes When I fall in love, I’m head over heels. I’m the type of person who can’t get enough of a good thing. And today I’m officially introducing you to the love of my life: brown butter. I actually wrote this post back in 2012 but figured it needed a little update and a top spot … Read more

Sorakkai Poriyal / Bottle Gourd Curry recipe

Reading Time: 5 minutes Recently I started experimenting varieties of recipes with Sorakkai / Bottle gourd. Usually I make sorakkai sambar or sorakkai dosa at home. This time I wanted to try lauki paratha and lauki curry for rice. I learnt this easy and yummy Sorakkai verkadalai poriyal / bottle gourd poriyal with peanuts from my neighbor. Bottle gourd … Read more

Baby Corn Pikelets, Smoked Salmon and sour cream | My Kitchen Stories

Reading Time: 11 minutes These baby corn pikelets are the cutest. They make a great starter with Smoked salmon or smashed avocado. The best thing is if you make them bigger they also make a perfect breakfast! These very cute baby corn pikelets or pancakes are always a hit. They are soft, but can carry delicious things on their … Read more

Tortang Dulong (Silverfish Omelette) – The Peach Kitchen

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re looking for an ulam that’s delicious, healthy, and budget-friendly.. ito na yon. Tortang Dulong. This is an omelette made of small fish, mixed with eggs, flour, onion, garlic, and seasonings. Then formed into small patties and fried in oil. It’s usually served with banana ketchup as dipping sauce but because my dear Ykaie … Read more

Easy Paneer Curry | Paneer Masala Curry For Chapathi

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is an easy peasy paneer curry for chapathi / roti. Paneer butter masala is the only gravy I make using paneer as its Raksha’s favorite. Most of the paneer gravies call for grinding tomato onion to make the base. But I really got bored of making it in the same way. So I tried … Read more

Mini Tostadas with Pork and Blackbeans | My Kitchen Stories

Reading Time: 11 minutes These Mini Tostadas with Pork and Blackbeans are a sensation. Why? Well, they are easy to make and super tasty with crunchy bases and cheese jalapeno tops. They are great for sharing with drinks or as a simple starter I know parties are out. That doesn’t stop you having these at brunch with a couple … Read more

Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Hemp Hearts (and Recipes Using Hemp Hearts) – Kalyn’s Kitchen

Reading Time: 9 minutes posted by Kalyn Denny on October 16, 2021 This post is all about why I love Hemp Hearts for a low-carb ingredient, and it shares recipes using hemp hearts! And I’m officially making them one of my featured Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks! PIN this post about Hemp Hearts to find it later! For a while now … Read more

Padavalanga Thoran | Kerala Style Snake Gourd Thoran Recipe

Reading Time: 7 minutes Today’s recipe is an easy, yummy Kerala style snake gourd curry which is known as Padavalanga thoran in Malayalam. Basically I love Kerala thoran recipes. I used to make cabbage thoran at home regularly. This time I used Snake gourd for a change. It came out so well and flavorful. We all loved it. I … Read more

Kids friendly Fried rice recipe, American fried rice style – Raks Kitchen

Reading Time: 12 minutes Kids friendly fired rice (American fried rice style) has all the things your kid would love in the plate. This is inspired form American fried rice which is usually served as a platter. Kids friendly fried rice with gobi manchurian When we serve fried rice, kids ask for ketchup or sauce as side dish. At … Read more

Chocolate Beetroot loaf cake. The simplest one ever! | My Kitchen Stories

Reading Time: 12 minutes This chocolate beetroot loaf cake is the simplest one ever. It looks a little humble but it is soft and moist and so chocolatey. It’s a cake you will put on the table but never have to put away. A can of beetroot makes the best cake!! When you want a cake that isn’t creamy … Read more