Best 10 Indian Corporate Law Services ICLS Coaching in India

Reading Time: 7 minutes Jul 28 • Indian Corporate Law Services • 9 Views • No Comments on Best 10 Indian Corporate Law Services ICLS Coaching in India Content Top Indian Corporate Law Services ICLS Coaching in India Content About Indian Corporate Law Services ICLS Coaching in Examination Content BEST Indian Corporate Law Services ICLS Coaching in Preparation Content … Read more

Maine’s facial recognition law shows bipartisan support for protecting privacy – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 8 minutes Michael Kebede Contributor Maine has joined a growing number of cities, counties and states that are rejecting dangerously biased surveillance technologies like facial recognition. The new law, which is the strongest statewide facial recognition law in the country, not only received broad, bipartisan support, but it passed unanimously in both chambers of the state legislature. … Read more

Weak US Privacy Law Hurts America’s Global Standing

Reading Time: 7 minutes Big Tech firms deploy nationalistic arguments to suggest that American incorporation equates to a guarantee that their business models won’t undermine US national security or US foreign policy. Without a federal privacy law to constrain data collection and sharing, however, that remains a wild exaggeration. This data-brokerage ecosystem allows US citizen data to end up … Read more

Top 4 Law Firm Web Design Mistakes

Reading Time: 9 minutes Your law firm’s web design is the face of your online presence which plays a huge role in your firm’s reputation in general. Your website should instantly appeal to potential clients and inform them of your law firm’s specialties. However, just because a website looks good doesn’t mean that the website is designed properly. Poorly … Read more

Controversial WhatsApp policy change hit with consumer law complaint in Europe – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 10 minutes Facebook has been accused of multiple breaches of European Union consumer protection law as a result of its attempts to force WhatsApp users to accept controversial changes to the messaging platforms’ terms of use — such as threatening users that the app would stop working if they did not accept the updated policies by May … Read more

Joe Biden Wants You to Be Able to Fix Your Own Damn iPhones

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lobbyists and trade groups for big tech companies and equipment manufacturers have long argued that giving consumers more access to the tools required to fix products, whether a smartphone or a car, poses safety and security risks. The debate has gotten especially heated as more products become internet-connected, adding a software element to repairs that … Read more

New York City’s new biometrics privacy law takes effect – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 5 minutes A new biometrics privacy ordinance has taken effect across New York City, putting new limits on what businesses can do with the biometric data they collect on their customers. From Friday, businesses that collect biometric information — most commonly in the form of facial recognition and fingerprints — are required to conspicuously post notices and … Read more

The great chip crisis threatens the promise of Moore’s Law

Reading Time: 16 minutes Even as microchips have become essential in so many products, their development and manufacturing have come to be dominated by a small number of producers with limited capacity—and appetite—for churning out the commodity chips that are a staple for today’s technologies. And because making chips requires hundreds of manufacturing steps and months of production time, … Read more