Feature: Why Was Among Us Translated Into Irish?

Reading Time: 16 minutes © Alex Olney / Nintendo Life Last week, it was announced that Among Us, the fantastically popular friend-murdering game, was localised officially into Irish. For many (mostly, the Irish) it was an exciting thing; for others, the response was mostly: “But why?” It’s a legitimate question — Irish, or Gaeilge, is only spoken by around … Read more

Among Us Has Been Localised Into Irish

Reading Time: 4 minutes Among Us‘ success continues to grow, and one of the measures of success is just how many official translations something has — including minority languages and languages that aren’t even spoken any more, like Harry Potter’s Latin, Ancient Greek, and Scots translations. According to its Steam page, Among Us supports 12 languages so far, including … Read more

Localisation Head Janet Hsu Talks MORE About The Translation Of The Great Ace Attorney

Reading Time: 9 minutes Yessss. YESSSS. Give us more localisation articles, precious. We loves them, precious. Especially when they come from Janet Hsu, the localisation director at Capcom who’s worked on the series since the beginning, crafting incredible puns and making sure that jokes still land in their new tongue. In her latest blog, this time for PlayStation (because … Read more