SF’s Only In-N-Out Refuses to Enforce the City’s Vaccination Mandate for Indoor Dining

Reading Time: 6 minutes The only San Francisco location of wildly popular California-based fast food chain In-N-Out Burger was temporarily shut down and remains closed for indoor dining after the SF Department of Public Health found the restaurant was not properly enforcing the city’s vaccination mandate for indoor dining, KRON4 reported first. The city shut down the restaurant at … Read more

Protests fizzle as activists fail to galvanize the masses against the new mandate.

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the days leading up to the introduction of a mandatory health pass for Italian workers on Friday, anti-vaccine activists and opponents to the measure plotted on chat groups about major demonstrations and “war.” But as of late Friday afternoon, the opponents to the Green Pass, as the health pass is known, had struggled to … Read more

Personnel Who Refuse Jabs To Be Discharged: US Navy’s Vaccine Mandate

Reading Time: 5 minutes People expelled for refusing the vaccine will receive a general honorable discharge, Navy said. Washington: The US Navy said Thursday that personnel who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 will be expelled from the force, ahead of the November 28 deadline for the injection. “With Covid-19 vaccines now mandatory for all military members, the Navy … Read more

Chicago’s mayor guts the city’s vaccinate mandate for public workers.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Just a day after President Biden visited Chicago to plead for vaccine mandates, saying they were the only way to defeat the coronavirus, Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Friday said public workers could opt out of the city’s mandate until the end of the year by getting regularly tested. The mayor announced the mandate for Chicago … Read more

The L.A. sheriff rejects the county’s vaccine mandate for his officers, saying too many would quit.

Reading Time: 5 minutes The sheriff of Los Angeles County reiterated this week that he would not compel members of his staff to be inoculated against the coronavirus, in defiance of the county’s order that all of its 110,000 employees show proof of vaccination by Oct. 1. “No, I am not forcing anyone,” said Sheriff Alex Villanueva, after reading … Read more

Unvaccinated Canada Workers To Be Put On Unpaid Leave Under New Mandate

Reading Time: 8 minutes Canada will require COVID-19 shots for air, train and ship passengers. Ottawa: Canada will place unvaccinated federal employees on unpaid leave and require COVID-19 shots for air, train and ship passengers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday, as he unveiled one of the world’s strictest vaccine mandate policies. Federal employees will be required to … Read more

TSA to mandate that critical US railroad and aviation companies name a chief cyber official, disclose hacks to the government, and draft hack recovery plans (Christopher Bing/Reuters)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Christopher Bing / Reuters: TSA to mandate that critical US railroad and aviation companies name a chief cyber official, disclose hacks to the government, and draft hack recovery plans  —  (Reuters) -The Transportation Security Administration will introduce new regulations that compel the most important U.S. railroad … #TSA #mandate #critical #railroad #aviation #companies #chief #cyber … Read more

Republican Governors Are Reacting to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate With Their Usual Calm, Cool Demeanor

Reading Time: 19 minutes Tom PenningtonGetty Images (Permanent Musical Accompaniment To The Last Post Of The Week From The Blog’s Favorite Living Canadian) As you can probably imagine, various Republican governors have reacted to the president’s quite modest enactment of a vaccine mandate with the calm, cool demeanor with which they greet everything else the president does. Here, for … Read more

Report: India may be next in line to mandate changes to Apple’s in-app payment rules – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 8 minutes Summer is still technically in session, but a snowball is slowly developing in the world of apps, and specifically the world of in-app payments. A report in Reuters today says that the Competition Commission of India, the country’s monopoly regulator, will soon be looking at an antitrust suit filed against Apple over how it mandates … Read more

Biden Pushes Boosters, Schools Mandate Shots, and More Coronavirus News

Reading Time: 9 minutes Biden announces boosters for all Americans, more schools mandate masks and shots, and the US keeps its land borders closed. Here’s what you should know: Want to receive this weekly roundup and other coronavirus news? Sign up here! Headlines Biden decides to offer booster shots this fall, meeting criticism from some Earlier this week the … Read more