6 Growth Hacking Strategies You Can Get Started With Right Now – Marketing Insider Group

Reading Time: 15 minutes Growth hacking is a term coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010 to describe people and organizations who use creative, experimental approaches to drive fast growth on a budget. Since then, it’s become a marketing industry buzzword and growth hacking strategies are being embraced across industries. But growth hacking has long been associated with startup … Read more

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Why are marketing budgets the first to be cut… and the last to be restored? – Litmus

Reading Time: 11 minutes Doing more with less is a common theme for modern marketing organizations. And the numbers back it up. According to our most recent State of Email report, 60% of marketing executives said they planned to send more email. But in that same report, more than 40% of marketers also said they were under-resourced when it … Read more

How to Use Quora for Marketing: 15 Quora Marketing Strategies and Tips

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4 Ways That Content Curation Can be Vital to Small Business Marketing – Scoop.it Blog

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Video Marketing Strategies for LMS Companies

Reading Time: 11 minutes

If you’re looking for ways to improve your digital marketing strategy for your LMS company, consider video. It’s holding strong as one of the most potent forms of marketing available today. For LMS companies, in particular, video is a natural fit because online training programs are video-based.

Adding video to your digital marketing strategy delivers several significant benefits.

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5 Olympic Lessons for Marketing Project Managers

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