Memory Pak: If Crashing In Burnout Is Wrong, Then I Don’t Want To Be Right

Reading Time: 8 minutes Image: Criterion / EA Happy birthday, GameCube! It’s been twenty years since your gorgeous, chunky indigo shape graced our TV stands, and we were all introduced to that beedle-deedle-deedle-deedle-beedle-deedle-beedly-beep, BLUMP. You know the one I mean. The GameCube’s catalogue is so stellar that I’ve already written several features about its games, from my favourite game, … Read more

Memory Pak: The Exquisite Weirdness Of The Sims: Bustin’ Out

Reading Time: 14 minutes I’ve always loved house-building, life-simulating game The Sims. I was on the bandwagon from day one, ever since meeting the tutorial family, Bob and Betty Newbie, and finding out that they could make a baby by kissing back-and-forth for hours. Just like real life, of course. Life most people, I would spend hours and hours … Read more

Memory Pak: When Mario Became A Pro Wrestler And Ruled At It

Reading Time: 15 minutes Welcome to the latest instalment in our new-ish column, Memory Pak, where we’re going to be doing a deep-dive into some of the most memorable moments in gaming – good and bad. This time, Kate wrestles with some extremely strong feelings for Paper Mario… Paper Mario flies into Glitzville by blimp (Image: NintendoMovies) I may … Read more