John Paulk Was The Poster Boy of the Ex-Gay Movement For 25 Years. Here’s Where He Is Now.

Reading Time: 9 minutes For over a decade, John Paulk was the poster boy of the ex-gay movement. As a self-proclaimed converted gay man happily married to his wife, an ex-lesbian named Anne, he made countless media appearances, spoke at Exodus conferences, and publicly advocated for “gay reparative therapy” for “broken” homosexuals. But in 2013, he reached a point … Read more

QAnon Pivots Its Exiled Online Movement to the Real World

Reading Time: 8 minutes The crowd pulsed as more than 1,500 attendees stamped and sang “We’re Not Gonna Take It!” While the For God & Country Patriot Roundup, a QAnon-linked conference in Dallas in late May, began with narratives of unity and love, speakers alluded to or outright spoke of a second insurgency, including in a video with the … Read more

Tech’s new labor movement is harnessing lessons learned a century ago

Reading Time: 8 minutes The rise of the tech worker Even in the early 1990s, when Lerner went to war with Apple as an organizer of the Justice for Janitors campaign and won union rights for subcontracted cleaning workers across the tech sector, the question of “Who is a tech worker?” loomed large. Through those successful campaigns, Lerner helped … Read more