We just got our best-ever look at the inside of Mars

Reading Time: 4 minutes NASA’s InSight robotic lander has just given us our first look deep inside a planet other than Earth.  More than two years after its launch, seismic data that InSight collected has given researchers hints into how Mars was formed, how it has evolved over 4.6 billion years, and how it differs from Earth. A set of three new studies, published in Science this week, suggests that Mars has a … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Preparing To Take First Mars Rock Samples

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Perseverance Mars rover landed on the Red Planet on February 18. (File) Washington: The Perseverance Mars rover is preparing to collect its first rock sample from the site of an ancient lake bed, as its mission to search for signs of past life begins in earnest, NASA said Wednesday. The milestone is expected to … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket launch: How to watch – Times of India

Reading Time: 7 minutes Another week, another billionaire with a rocket company going to space. Last week, it was Richard Branson earning his astronaut wings riding a space plane from Virgin Galactic, a company he founded 14 years ago, to an altitude of more than 50 miles above the skies of New Mexico. On Tuesday, it will be Jeff … Read more

Why NASA should visit Pluto again

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 1930, Clyde Tombaugh, a 25-year-old amateur astronomer, spied a small, dim object in the night sky.   He’d been working at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, for about a year when he used a blink comparator—a special kind of microscope that can examine and compare images—to glimpse what was for a time considered to be the ninth planet … Read more

Moon “Wobble”, Climate Change Seen As Driving Coastal Flooding In 2030s

Reading Time: 5 minutes In half of the lunar cycle, Earth’s regular daily tides are diminished. New York: US coastlines will face increasing flooding in the mid-2030s thanks to a regular lunar cycle that will magnify rising sea levels caused by climate change, according to research led by NASA scientists. A key factor identified by the scientists is a … Read more

Richard Branson announces trip to space, ahead of Jeff Bezos – Times of India

Reading Time: 8 minutes CAPE CANAVERAL: Virgin Galactic‘s Richard Branson is aiming to beat fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos into space by nine days. Branson’s company announced Thursday evening that its next test flight will be July 11 and that its founder will be among the six people on board. The winged rocket ship will soar from New Mexico – … Read more

Jeff Bezos picks female aerospace pioneer to launch with him – Times of India

Reading Time: 9 minutes CAPE CANAVERAL: Sixty years after acing astronaut tests but barred because she was a woman, Wally Funk will rocket into space alongside Jeff Bezos in just three weeks. Bezos’ company Blue Origin announced Thursday that the pioneering pilot will be aboard the July 20 launch from West Texas, flying in the capsule as an “honored … Read more