This Spider-Man: No Way Home Fan Poster Is Delightfully Retro

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new fan-made Spider-Man: No Way Home poster is a throwback appreciation to old Spidey comics. It features Dr. Strange magically breaking through a portal with the words No Way Home all over the cover. In the top left corner of the poster, there’s a stamp just like the old-timey Spider-Man comics. The image comes … Read more

‘Scream’ First Images and Poster Debut Ahead of Trailer

Reading Time: 4 minutes “It’s Always Someone You Know.” That’s the new tagline of the brand new Scream. It’s just called Scream, even though it is technically the fourth sequel to the original Wes Craven Scream that redefined the slasher movie by acknowledging all of the genre’s most tired clichés. Craven passed away in 2015 so this new film is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett … Read more

Peacemaker Poster Shows John Cena’s Antihero on a Wanted Ad

Reading Time: 9 minutes In promotion of HBO Max’s upcoming series, Peacemaker, writer/director James Gunn shares a ‘wanted’ poster featuring John Cena’s titular anti-hero. In promotion of HBO Max’s upcoming series, Peacemaker, writer/director James Gunn has shared a ‘wanted’ poster featuring John Cena’s titular anti-hero. Gunn’s first foray into the DC Extended Universe, The Suicide Squad, introduced a plethora of oddballs … Read more

Scream Fans Are Loving The Official Movie Poster

Reading Time: 6 minutes With the 25th-anniversary screenings of Scream happening in theaters across the globe today and tomorrow, fans of the Scream film franchise are living and breathing all things slasher comedy and horror. The movie is a favorite for many slasher-flick fans and cemented its place in pop culture. Ghostface is an icon, and their killer persona … Read more