Private Tuitions and Why You Should Avail them – RVD Tutor

Reading Time: 6 minutes Introduction There is a lot of demand for home tutors and private tutors in Mira Road Mumbai. In this article we will talk about home tutoring facilities and the manifold advantages of availing these facilities. Gone are the days where both parents and tutors had to rely on the word of mouth to arrange for … Read more

The Murky Merits of a Private Spy Registry

Reading Time: 8 minutes Years ago, while stationed in Moscow as the bureau chief for a major news magazine, I was approached by a representative of a multinational company and presented with a tantalizing offer. He said he had highly sensitive materials exposing possible criminal activity by a Russian competitor. The documents were mine with one condition: advance notice … Read more

What the growing federal focus on ESG means for private markets – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 6 minutes Anthony Cimino Contributor Anthony Cimino, head of policy at Carta, works with policymakers and innovators to drive economic opportunity through expanding equity ownership and private market liquidity. The increasing regulation of ESG (environmental, social, governance) disclosure reporting may have started in the public markets, but will almost certainly have downstream effects for private market actors … Read more

How to Make Your Web Searches More Secure and Private

Reading Time: 6 minutes You’ll also see drop-down menus above your search results that let you filter them by location and time. Depending on what keywords you’ve used, you might also see a Local results tab—this will temporarily make use of your IP address to find results from regional sites, but this IP address isn’t saved. As soon as … Read more

Frame streamlines finding a therapist and builds a one-stop-shop for private practices – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 11 minutes Therapy is rapidly becoming a standard part of many people’s lives, but 2020 interrupted that trend by nixing in-person sessions and forcing therapists to migrate their entire practice online — and it turns out that’s not so easy. Frame simplifies it with an all-in-one portal for clients and therapists, unifying the listings, tools, and management … Read more

FloLive, an IoT startup building cloud-based private 5G networks, raises $15.5M led by Intel – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 8 minutes As enterprises and carriers gear up for operating and scaling IoT services and monitoring the activity of their devices, machines and more globally, a startup that is building technology to make this easier and cheaper to implement is announcing some funding. FloLive, which has built a cloud-based solution to stitch together private, local cellular networks … Read more