Pivot Bio rakes in $430M round D as modified microbes prove their worth in agriculture – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 11 minutes Pivot Bio makes fertilizer — but not directly. Its modified microorganisms are added to soil and they product nitrogen that would otherwise have had to be trucked in and dumped there. This biotech-powered approach can save farmers money and time and ultimately may be easier on the environment — a huge opportunity that investors have … Read more

Top 6 Remote Work Statistics that Prove Increased Productivity

Reading Time: 13 minutes Millions of people worldwide are working remotely since the deadly Covid-19 pandemic struck this planet in early 2020. And despite nearly most of 2021 having gone past, we’re still living in the new normal that almost dictates that we all work remote. Earlier, several companies that had inhibitions about their employees working from home are … Read more

Mathematicians Prove Symmetry of Phase Transitions

Reading Time: 8 minutes The presence of conformal invariance has a direct physical meaning: It indicates that the global behavior of the system won’t change even if you tweak the microscopic details of the substance. It also hints at a certain mathematical elegance that sets in, for a brief interlude, just as the entire system is breaking its overarching … Read more

Mathematicians Prove a 2D Version of Quantum Gravity Works

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s an elegant idea that yields concrete answers only for select quantum fields. No known mathematical procedure can meaningfully average an infinite number of objects covering an infinite expanse of space in general. The path integral is more of a physics philosophy than an exact mathematical recipe. Mathematicians question its very existence as a valid … Read more