The Real Psychology of Colour | Impression

Reading Time: 16 minutes Rejoice Ojiaku This blog post was written by Rejoice Ojiaku for Impression. Rejoice is the SEO Manager at Incubeta NMPi and Co-Founder of B-Digital UK. Rejoice has worked within digital marketing (SEO) for 2+ years, after finishing her master’s degree in marketing at The University of Manchester, she started her journey as a Junior SEO … Read more

Stop Doomscrolling and Grab a Game Controller Instead

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’re anything like me, at some point in your life your morning routine may have looked something like this: Wake up, roll around in bed, contemplate your existence, think about hitting the snooze button, decide against it, then groggily grab your phone to begin the morning ritual of checking social media. We’ve all done … Read more

The Pandemic Changed Sleep Habits. Maybe That’s a Good Thing

Reading Time: 7 minutes A person’s genetic sleep traits combine to create a chronotype. An “early chronotype” is essentially a morning person, eager to wake up with the sun and head to bed early, while a “late chronotype” wants to stay up into the night and wake up later. People’s sleep hours range widely: One study found that in … Read more

The Miami Building Collapse and Humanity’s Tragic Fight for the Future

Reading Time: 7 minutes In 2014, a team of behavioral scientists from Harvard and Yale tried to save the future—with a little game theory. Here’s the game part: The researchers broke up a big group of volunteers into five teams they called “generations.” They gave the players designated the first generation 100 points, or “units,” and told them to … Read more