DeepMind puts the entire human proteome online, as folded by AlphaFold – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 27 minutes DeepMind and several research partners have released a database containing the 3D structures of nearly every protein in the human body, as computationally determined by the breakthrough protein folding system demonstrated last year, AlphaFold. The freely available database represents an enormous advance and convenience for scientists across hundreds of disciplines and domains, and may very … Read more

FTC puts hardware makers on warning for potential ‘unlawful repair restrictions’ – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 8 minutes As phones and other consumer devices have gained feature after feature, they have also declined in how easily they can be repaired, with Apple at the head of this ignoble pack. The FTC has taken note, admitting that the agency has been lax on this front but that going forward it will prioritize what could … Read more

Biden Puts a $10M Bounty on Foreign Hackers

Reading Time: 7 minutes Regulators in Germany are poised to block one of the world’s biggest porn sites, according to a report from our colleagues at WIRED UK. The country imposed age verification checks for adult sites recently, which some have yet to implement. The blocking would have to be carried out by ISPs and mobile data providers, who … Read more

Volkswagen’s new business strategy puts software and autonomous driving front and center – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 6 minutes Volkswagen will ramp up its software, mobility as a service and battery tech to stay competitive in the coming decades, as it and other automakers prepare for the largest transition in personal mobility since the invention of the car. Laying out the company strategy Tuesday, Chief Executive Officer Herbert Diess emphasized a top-to-bottom transformation in … Read more

Windows 11’s Security Push Puts Microsoft on a Collision Course

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Microsoft debuted Windows 11 at the end of last week, the company heralded the usual advancements in efficiency and design that come with any new operating system. But Windows 11 also comes with a less welcome tick: stricter-than-usual hardware requirements for which PCs can actually run it. Because of what Microsoft has described as … Read more

Pittsburgh’s Locomation puts a convoy twist on autonomous trucking – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Pittsburgh Strip District, once home to Industrial Age giants Alcoa, Heinz, U.S. Steel and Westinghouse, has evolved over the past decade into a technology and robotics hub, and notably, a testbed of autonomous vehicles.  That activity has more recently spilled out beyond Smallman Street, so-called Robotics Row, past the confines of the Strip District … Read more