r/movies – All Of The Promotional Stunts That Made People Believe ‘The Blair Witch Project’ Was Real

Reading Time: < 1 minute While the creators have all said they never intended to “trick” anyone or intentionally perpetuate a hoax, they were more than happy to let fans do the work of legitimizing the film among each other. Bruh they Fucking changed the status of them on IMDB to “missing, presumed dead”. How the fuck is that not … Read more

Daniel Isn’t Real Is Wild, Weird, And A Solid Rollercoaster Ride

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are so many reasons why writer-director Adam Egypt Mortimer’s underwatched gem “Daniel Isn’t Real” should be your Sunday night scare midway through the spookiest month of the year, but for the sake of brevity and persuasion, I’ll just give you a few. First off, Mortimer wrote the script with Brian DeLeeuw, who wrote the … Read more

Real Housewives’ Vicki Gunvalson Accuses Ex-Fiancé Steve Lodge of Cheating on Her – E! Online

Reading Time: 2 minutes Additionally, Tamra accused Steve of being opportunistic, especially when he announced he was running for governor of California back in June. “@vickigunvalson while sleeping in your bed running for governor,” Tamra alleged, “using your followers. #unfollow.” That same day, Steve publicly denied Vicki’s allegations, telling Page Six in a statement, “The absolute lies she is now spreading … Read more

r/movies – The dinner table scene in Signs (2002) where the whole family breaks down crying is so real it’s uncomfortable to watch

Reading Time: 2 minutes Douchebag that he is in real life, Mel Gibson acted his ass off in this scene. They (Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin, Abigail Breslin) portray an enormous range of emotion in what ends up being only three minutes of screentime. It goes from a celebratory atmosphere (‘we’ll make individual dinners for everyone, whatever you … Read more

Testing rote learning using textbook questions vs real learning using unfamiliar questions – EI blog

Reading Time: 14 minutes It is often found that among students getting good grades in exams gets a higher priority over ensuring that they are learning with understanding. Teachers emphasise concepts and types of questions that are prevalent and commonly tested in exams, and students practice the problems either given in textbooks or from past exam papers, mostly with … Read more

Stimulus Check: The Letter From IRS About An Error Is Real |

Reading Time: 4 minutes Americans who received the stimulus check have started getting a message from the IRS which speaks about a math error with their taxes. The Internal Revenue Service is mailing letters to millions of people, warning them of a possible error on their tax return.  – Advertisement – If you recently received one of these letters, … Read more

The Real Reason Penn Badgley Hasn’t Watched the Gossip Girl Reboot – E! Online

Reading Time: 2 minutes Badley went on to say there was “just something unique” about him having played Dan before taking on the role of Joe.  “I think Breaking Bad came out in 2008. That was, like, a huge moment where we’re suddenly interested in a different kind of an antihero or a villain, you know?” he continued. “I think Dan, … Read more

“It Was Unbelievable”: Star Trek Actor Becomes Real Life Astronaut

Reading Time: 8 minutes William Shatner called it the most profound experience of his life “Star Trek” actor William Shatner finally became a real space traveler on Blue Origin’s second crewed mission Wednesday, calling it the most profound experience of his life. “It was unbelievable,” said the 90-year-old Canadian, known to the sci-fi show’s legion of “Trekkies” as the … Read more

The Last of Us HBO Series Set Photo Offers First Real Look at Joel – Den of Geek

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apart from one or two exceptions, video game adaptations have always been losing propositions, whether it’s Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, or Assassin’s Creed. But even successful translations like Netflix’s excellent Castlevania series haven’t had gone through the level of scrutiny from the fandom that’s currently aimed at HBO’s The Last of Us. It … Read more

Hugh Hefner’s Former Girlfriend Bridget Marquardt Shares Real Playboy Mansion Ghost Stories

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Playboy Mansion has seen its fair share of residents and guests—some living and breathing and some, well, not so much. One of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends Bridget Marquardt gave some intel on the real ghost encounters she had while living there—and yes, the stories will likely keep you up at night. Let’s dive in. … Read more