This Healthy Banana Bread Recipe Will Make You More Sexy – Eat Something Sexy

Reading Time: 10 minutes Our articles may contain affiliate links. For more information, view our policies. I’ve loved banana bread since I was a little girl. Some of my fondest recipes are of my mom making my grandma’s banana bread from the sorry, brown, forgotten bananas in the hanging fruit basket. Now that I’m a bit older and don’t … Read more

Best Crab Cakes Recipe

Reading Time: 13 minutes  Total Time: 30 minutes Published: October 17, 2021 This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure policy. These moist, meaty, tangy, savory, perfectly cooked crab cakes will soon become your favorite, quick seafood dish to serve as an appetizer, a main course, or just to impress your friends and family! For more easy … Read more

Kongunadu Style Senai Kilangu Masala Recipe – Yam in Spicy Gravy

Reading Time: 3 minutes To begin making the Kongunadu Style Senai Kilangu Masala Recipe, we will first pressure cook the yam with water, turmeric powder, salt for about 2 whistle. Release the pressure naturally, and drain the excess water and keep the cooked yam aside. Heat a flat skillet with oil, add curry leaves and allow it splutter for … Read more

The BEST Pumpkin Blondies (One bowl recipe!) – The Big Man’s World ®

Reading Time: 11 minutes These pumpkin blondies are the perfect mix of chewy, cakey, and gooey all in one! Loaded with chocolate chips, they are a fabulous fall dessert that just happens to be made without grains! It’s no secret that I love myself some pumpkin dessert recipes. The entire holiday season (that’s a good 3 months in my … Read more

Batter-Fried Chicken Recipe

Reading Time: 5 minutes Why It Works A blend of potato starch and wheat flour enhances the batter’s crispiness, inhibits gluten formation, and limits oil absorption. Baking powder enhances the crispiness of the crust and encourages browning. Batter-fried chicken is something of a rarity. Due to tradition or cultural preference, battering isn’t the go-to method, and dry-dredged Southern fried … Read more

Sorakkai Poriyal / Bottle Gourd Curry recipe

Reading Time: 5 minutes Recently I started experimenting varieties of recipes with Sorakkai / Bottle gourd. Usually I make sorakkai sambar or sorakkai dosa at home. This time I wanted to try lauki paratha and lauki curry for rice. I learnt this easy and yummy Sorakkai verkadalai poriyal / bottle gourd poriyal with peanuts from my neighbor. Bottle gourd … Read more

Fresh Broccoli Caesar Salad Recipe – TheFoodXP

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Butter Chicken Recipe (Murgh Makhani)

Reading Time: 15 minutes by Jenny Park · Published: Sep 14, 2021 · Modified: Sep 14, 2021 A Butter Chicken Recipe (Murgh Makhani) to die for! You’ll love the tangy tomato butter sauce with juicy chicken thighs. It’s a really great recipe to throw in the freezer and reheat for a quick and delicious weeknight dinner! Our Butter Chicken … Read more

Easy Salisbury Steak Recipe (30 Minute Meal) | Mom On Timeout

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Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Raw Tomato Sauce Recipe – Eat Something Sexy

Reading Time: 14 minutes Our articles may contain affiliate links. For more information, view our policies. Tomato is a food of love Did you know that tomatoes are considered aphrodisiac? In fact, some historians believe that the tomato, not the apple, may have been the original fruit of temptation. (Others theorize it is the fig, but we’ll explore the … Read more