r/movies – The recent release of the new trailer for Matt Reeves “The Batman” perfectly shows why movie studios finally need to start uploading their trailers in 4K instead of just 1080p.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Only few people have been saying this for years now, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an example this good where it’s apparent that releasing a new trailer without 4K quality can actually hurt the experience. I first saw the trailer in the DC FanDome livestream and knew I wasn’t gonna see the best … Read more

Incredible New Trailer For Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN! — GeekTyrant

Reading Time: 3 minutes Warner Bros. has dropped an awesome new trailer for director Matt Reeves’ The Batman and I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely loving what I’m seeing for this movie. This new trailer completely blew me away! It looks so freakin good! I know there have been some naysayers about Reeves take on Batman and … Read more

The Batman watches over Gotham City in new image from Matt Reeves movie

Reading Time: 4 minutes Gotham City’s latest Dark Knight won’t be unleashed until the new year, but we’ll get another peek at Matt Reeves’ The Batman during DC DanDome this Saturday. As a little tease of the upcoming trailer, Matt Reeves took to Twitter to show off a new image from The Batman which features the Caped Crusader watching … Read more

Matt Reeves Unveils Incredible New Image of ‘The Batman’

Reading Time: 3 minutes This morning, DC promised fans will get a brand-new The Batman trailer as part of DC FanDome this weekend. Director Matt Reeves then chimed in with a glimpse at a shot from the trailer, which shared with the caption “Good morning, from Gotham City… can’t wait to show you more at DC FanDome this Saturday.” The shot … Read more

Keanu Reeves’ comic BRZRKR might be a ‘metaphor for his whole life’

Reading Time: 20 minutes There’s little room to read between the lines of BRZRKR, John Wick and Matrix actor Keanu Reeves’ first stab at a comic book. Dividing time between the past, where a half-god child is born to a tribe of prehistoric people only to grow into a murderous, unkillable savior, and 80,000 years later in the present, … Read more

Keanu Reeves Says John Wick 4 Will ‘Open Up The World’ While Teasing Some Of The Stunts

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m not always the biggest fan of action movies, but I’ve developed a slow appreciation for the “John Wick” franchise. It’s the kind of series I’ve kept up with on planes and streaming services. The original “John Wick” broke a fundamental rule of moviemaking in that audiences don’t generally respond well to films where dogs … Read more

Keanu Reeves Offers Update on His BRZRKR Movie and Reveals THE BATMAN Writer Mattson Tomlin Is Working on It — GeekTyrant

Reading Time: 5 minutes Last year it was announced that Keanu Reeves’ BOOM! Studios comic book BRZRKR was being adapted into a live-action film and anime series. When that comic book initially launched, we all knew that it would end up being adapted and that Reeves would star in it — Reeves was the main character in the comic! … Read more

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Director Matt Reeves Shared Some Exciting New Info About ‘The Batman’

Reading Time: 16 minutes Even though Robert Pattinson received some backlash at first (mostly from people who are more familiar with Edward Cullen than anything else he’s done), it looks like he’s going to make a hell of a Batman. After months without any significant news about the film, we’ve learned ton more about the new Batman film—which will … Read more