In Russia, experts are challenging official pandemic figures as too low. They refuse to be silenced.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Russia’s official statistics showed 221,313 pandemic-related deaths by mid-October, but the independent demographer Alexey Raksha calculated that excess mortality — seen by analysts as the most reliable indicator of coronavirus deaths — has reached around 750,000. Raksha’s calculation used figures maintained by Rosstat, Russia’s statistical agency. Meanwhile, a report in the Moscow Times estimated the … Read more

Personnel Who Refuse Jabs To Be Discharged: US Navy’s Vaccine Mandate

Reading Time: 5 minutes People expelled for refusing the vaccine will receive a general honorable discharge, Navy said. Washington: The US Navy said Thursday that personnel who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 will be expelled from the force, ahead of the November 28 deadline for the injection. “With Covid-19 vaccines now mandatory for all military members, the Navy … Read more

The Main Problem Congress Has Is That Republicans Refuse to Cooperate in Governing the Nation

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let’s begin the day by restating the simple fact that every bit of legislative foolishness and reckless vandalism occurring in Washington is caused by the Republican Party’s disinclination to cooperate in governing the nation. In fact, let’s begin every day that way for the foreseeable future, because too much of the elite political press is … Read more