Investment Scheme Opens Up Shares For Nintendo World Championships Cartridge

Reading Time: 4 minutes Image: Otis It used to be that investors and traders were typically individuals with slicked back hair and expensive suits, shouting incomprehensible jargon into phones while surrounded by screens. Well, some do that, but nowadays lots of individuals do it with a few taps on a phone app. Whether through crytocurrencies or strange shenanigans with … Read more

Random: Finally, Scientists Have Built A Robot Hand That Can Play Super Mario Bros.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Image: University of Maryland Plenty of super-clever, super-talented researchers across the globe have been pretty busy trying to save the world recently, but hey, even scientists need to work on something fun every once and a while. For this team of researchers from the University of Maryland, that fun has arrived in the form of … Read more

Soapbox: Nintendo Switch Online’s Library Is A Snapshot Of ’90s Gaming Shelves

Reading Time: 12 minutes Another trio of classic games have just been announced for Nintendo’s subscriber-only Virtual Console replacement, this time Claymates, Jelly Boy, and Bombuzal. They all have one very special thing in common: They’re all games nobody asked for, and nobody wanted. Nintendo could have released anything at all — like… let’s say Earthbound, just to pull … Read more

Some Of The Original Terranigma Team Want To Revive The Classic SNES RPG

Reading Time: 4 minutes Image: Square Enix Despite only seeing release in Japan and Europe, 1995’s Terranigma is regarded as one of the highlights of the SNES RPG library, and copies change hands for startling prices on the secondary market these days. Sadly, the game has never been re-released in any form, but that’s something that some of the … Read more

25 Seconds Of New EarthBound 64 Footage Emerges Online

Reading Time: 3 minutes Image: Zen64 At the beginning of this month, someone put a corporate Nintendo CD-ROM from 1998 on sale. The winner of the online auction was a Twitter user known as Zen, who paid the equivalent of $357 USD for the item, after discovering the disc contained footage of the cancelled N64 project, EarthBound 64 – … Read more

Video: How To Play Rare And Expensive Nintendo Games On A Budget

Reading Time: 3 minutes The retro video game market is booming right now. As you might have seen, a copy of the original Legend of Zelda game on the NES sold for $870,000 USD recently – making it the most expensive video game auction purchase (and collectable) of all time. The trend of paying top dollar for classic games … Read more

Random: John Romero’s PC Port Of Super Mario Bros. 3 Turns Up On A Floppy In A Museum

Reading Time: 5 minutes You may remember a few years ago when veteran game developer and DOOM legend John Romero released a video of a PC port demo of Super Mario Bros. 3 originally built as a pitch to Nintendo back in 1990. Well, the full demo has now turned up in a bunch of data donated to the … Read more

Here’s Why That NES Zelda Sold For $870,000, According To The Guy Who Designed The Packaging

Reading Time: 6 minutes © Nintendo Back when Nintendo conquered the living room for the first time with the NES, one of the key components of that success was branding – something which was handled by GIRVIN Design, headed up by Tim Girvin. The firm worked with Nintendo to create the ‘look’ of the NES brand, from packaging design … Read more

Four Lost NES, SNES And N64 Games Have Been Brought Back To Life, Pre-Orders Now Open

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re big on your video game preservation and history, this latest batch of pre-orders will be right up your retro-collecting street. Piko Interactive, an American publisher that specialises in grabbing the rights to forgotten, never-released games from years gone by and giving them the development time they deserved, has opened orders for four games … Read more