Hardware Review: Evercade VS – A Low-Cost Gateway To Past Nintendo Classics And Much More Besides

Reading Time: 19 minutes Image: Nintendo Life Blaze’s Evercade handheld was one of 2020’s more pleasant surprises; a new piece of hardware that offered an alternative for retro enthusiasts and offered a wide range of physical cartridges packed with classic titles (many of which were originally found on Nintendo consoles) – all for a very reasonable price. Now, its … Read more

The GBA’s Unreleased ‘Dune’ Game Is Being Revived, Minus The IP Rights

Reading Time: 4 minutes Image: The Retro Room Games If you happen to have Nintendo’s retro handhelds in your collection, there are still multiple interesting releases and projects emerging. The latest to pop up is Elland: The Crystal Wars for Game Boy Advance, a game that publisher The Retro Room Games is reviving minus a famous IP. Originally, way … Read more

Every Nintendo Switch Online Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Game Ranked

Reading Time: 11 minutes Image: Nintendo Life The library of Sega Mega Drive / Genesis games announced as part of the upcoming ‘Expansion Pack’ for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service features some choice entries from the 16-bit system’s library. We might have had the opportunity to play many of these games in many other places in recent years, … Read more

Hamster Adds Another Namco Classic To Arcade Archives On Nintendo Switch

Reading Time: 3 minutes Image: Namco / via Fandom In recent times, Hamster has been releasing Bandai Namco games for its Arcade Archives collection on the Nintendo Switch. This week, the trend continues with the release of the 1983 action title, Mappy. “Players control MAPPY, an enthusiastic, committed police officer on a mission to reclaim stolen goods from a … Read more

Analogue Pocket Is Getting Its Own OS – Allowing Users To Explore, Discover And Preserve Video Game History

Reading Time: 6 minutes Image: Analogue The creators of the Analogue Pocket – a portable FPGA-based device compatible with the entire Game library and other systems via adapters – have announced Analogue OS. It’s designed to be the “definitive scholarly operating system” for playing and experiencing the entire video game medium. Introducing Analogue OS.Analogue OS is the start of … Read more

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda Gets A Snazzy New Trailer

Reading Time: 3 minutes Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube After its Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch proved to be a bit of a must-have festive gift, Nintendo is hoping to hit the mark again when it releases Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda to celebrate the IP’s anniversary. Now Nintendo has released a snazzy new trailer … Read more

Retro French Chicken Recipe | A Spicy Perspective

Reading Time: 11 minutes Lemon Garlic French Chicken – A classic French-inspired recipe for oven-baked garlic and lemon chicken breasts. It’s easy to prepare in just over 30 minutes, and fabulous to serve with comfort food sides! Oven Baked (Lemon Garlic) French Chicken Breasts If you like saucy, rich, and garlic-y foods, get ready – because you are going … Read more

Gallery: Breaking The Seal On Retro-Bit’s ‘Undercover Cops’ Reissue

Reading Time: 4 minutes Image: Nintendo Life Irem’s Undercover Cops is one of the most expensive Super Famicom titles, regularly changing hands for $200 just for the loose cartridge. However, Retro-Bit has come to our rescue with a reissue of the game which comes with a bunch of other goodies that collectors will want to check out. Retro-Bit was … Read more

Retro Sci-Fi Adventure Game The Invincible Gets First Teaser Trailer

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Invincible is an upcoming sci-fi game announced last fall based on the 1964 novel of the same name. The game is the debut title by Starward Industries, a studio made up of ex-Techland and CD Projekt Red designers. After sharing screenshots of the intriguing project, Starward dropped the first teaser trailer, which sets a … Read more

Random: Please Don’t Submerge Your Zelda Game Boy Cartridges In Orange Juice

Reading Time: 4 minutes It seems obvious, but dunking your old video game cartridges in orange juice isn’t a good idea. That’s the lesson that Solderking (AKA: Taylor Burley) is preaching at the moment – in case you didn’t know, Burley often asks his viewers to send in items that are no longer working, and his latest case was … Read more