What Robinhood’s warnings about crypto trading say about Coinbase’s near-term future – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 7 minutes Is the trading boom of 2020 and 2021 slowing? That’s a question The Exchange has had on its mind since Robinhood released its latest IPO filing. The popular U.S. consumer-focused investing app told investors in the document that it expects revenues to decline in the third quarter compared to its Q2 performance. The company highlighted … Read more

How Robinhood’s explosive growth rate came to be – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 6 minutes A deeper look inside the company’s IPO filing This afternoon Robinhood filed to go public. TechCrunch’s first look at its results can be found here. Now that we’ve done a first dig, we can take the time to dive into the company’s filing more deeply. Robinhood’s IPO has long been anticipated not only because there … Read more