5 fundraising imperatives for robotics startups – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 6 minutes Lidiya Dervisheva Contributor As a partner at Next47, Lidiya Dervisheva works in the areas of robotics, AI and machine vision, as well as broader industrial and enterprise verticals. Fady Saad is the co-founder and strategic partnerships vice president of MassRobotics, the first and largest robotics/AI startup escalator in the world. Bilal Zuberi is a partner … Read more

Why Scientists Love Making Robots Build Ikea Furniture

Reading Time: 9 minutes The frustration and anguish of trying and failing to piece together Ikea furniture may seem like an exercise in humiliation for you, but know this: The particleboard nightmare may one day lead to robots that aren’t so stupid. In recent years, roboticists have been finding that building Ikea furniture is actually a great way to … Read more

Boston Dynamics, BTS, and Ballet: The Next Act for Robotics

Reading Time: 9 minutes There’s a scene in Swan Lake where the hunky, crossbow-toting protagonist, Prince Siegfried, loses his swan princess, Odette, in an enchanted forest. Suddenly, he finds himself confronted by dozens of identical ballerina swans. Bedazzled and confused, Siegfried runs uselessly up and down the doppelgänger ranks searching for his betrothed. He is beguiled by the multiplicity … Read more

Fetch Robotics’ CEO on the company’s acquisition and the future of warehouse robots – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 11 minutes Yesterday, enterprise computing corporation Zebra Technologies announced its plan to acquire Fetch Robotics. The San Jose-based startup has been a mainstay in warehouse and fulfillment robotics for a number of years, offering a modular system designed to automate companies behind the scenes. The full deal is valued at $305 million, with Zebra acquiring the remaining … Read more

With $8.4M raised, strawberry-picking robotics startup Traptic begins commercial deployment – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 4 minutes We first covered Traptic back in 2019, when it appeared as a Battlefield finalist on stage at Disrupt SF. Today, the South Bay robotics startup is announcing some major progress. For starters, it began commercial deployment of its strawberry-picking mobile robot early this month. Traptic tells TechCrunch that Blazer-Wilkinson, a top-five U.S. strawberry producer, began … Read more

Zebra Technologies is acquiring warehouse robotics company, Fetch – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 5 minutes Zebra Technologies this morning announced its intention to purchased Bay Area-based warehouse robotics firm, Fetch. The $290 million deal finds the enterprise corporation snapping up 95% of the company, in addition to the 5% it already owns. The deal comes as interesting in warehouse and fulfillment robotics is continuing to heat up, both in the … Read more