How to Win More Deals with Video for Sales in 2021

Reading Time: 18 minutes January 18, 2021·6 min readWe rounded up the best sales video examples of 2020 to help inspire you to connect with prospects, scale your operation and enhance your sales process with video in 2021. How has your sales process changed throughout the pandemic? Have you written so many emails that your fingers are numb? Maybe … Read more

11 Sales Pipeline Metrics That Every Business Should Track

Reading Time: 18 minutes How do you rate the sales performance of your B2B marketing efforts? While sales volume is a good indicator of the performance of your marketing campaigns, it isn’t the only one. A sales pipeline lets you track your leads from prospects to customers throughout a B2B buyer’s journey that is often long and complex. For … Read more

A Quick Guide to Crushing Quotas with Video for Sales

Reading Time: 25 minutes February 2, 2021·9 min readDiscover why video selling is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, what types of sales videos to make, when to use them, how to get your team on board, and more. In almost every scenario, you’d rather your salespeople meet prospects in-person. People are more honest, agreeable, and willing to … Read more

Video for Sales Emails: Use Video to Book More Meetings

Reading Time: 29 minutes February 2, 2021·12 min readSales videos are a powerful way to save time, build rapport, and accelerate deals. This step-by-step primer will equip you with everything you need to know to send your own sales video email. Why is using video for sales emails a smarter way to engage prospects and advance deals? Imagine you … Read more

Drift Fastlane Aims To Qualify Webpage Leads For Real-Time Sales Conversations

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Fastlane solution from Drift helps users build a real-time chat experience that capitalizes on leads showing intent and qualifies them for optimized response times and faster engagement, driving higher quality pipeline faster. Back-Of-The-Box Details Fastlane is designed to remove friction in the buying process by qualifying leads as they enter a website and starts … Read more

Singapore-based gets $6M to help B2B sales team collaborate more effectively – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 8 minutes founders Aravind Ravi Sulekha and Abhijeet Vijayvergiya Organizing information about prospective deals is a challenging task for B2B sales teams, since salespeople usually rely on multiple tools (email, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc) to talk with buyer committees. It becomes even more unwieldy when sales teams work remotely. is a B2B sales productivity startup that … Read more

4 Levers To Boost Pipeline Generation From Sales Development

Reading Time: 10 minutes Since its experimental Silicon Valley origins in the ‘80s, sales development continues its growth as a strategic go-to-market (GTM) operation. Faced with inadequate pipeline and a trepidatious transition to permanent virtual selling, 70% of chief sales officers (CSOs) are implementing or considering investing in sales development representative (SDR) teams to generate pipeline in 2021. After all, what … Read more

Amazon’s 27% Gain in Net Sales During the Second Quarter

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ecommerce giant Amazon revealed at the close of trading today that net sales for the second quarter increased 27% year over year to about $113 billion from nearly $89 billion, while net income grew to $7.8 billion from $5.2 billion. Top line Though the technology conglomerate continued its growth trajectory during its most recent fiscal… … Read more

Orum Raises $25M To Automate & Scale Inside Sales Teams

Reading Time: 3 minutes Orum, a sales acceleration platform, received $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Craft Ventures. The round brings the company’s total funds raised to $29 million since its inception in 2018. Orum’s AI-powered platform is designed to enable sales reps to enter live conversations with target prospects in less than a minute. … Read more