Google Consolidates Smart Display & Standard Display Campaigns

Reading Time: 5 minutes Google Ads announced that it will consolidate Smart display and Standard display campaign options. What’s Changing For Advertisers? Google’s announcement notes that advertisers will still be able to use manual or automated solutions, but the option will now be available within one campaign type. At the time of campaign creation, advertisers will be able to … Read more

Google Ads will combine Smart and standard Display campaigns

Reading Time: < 1 minute Google Ads will combine Smart and standard Display campaigns Your privacy means the world to us. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time. Learn more by viewing our privacy policy.Ok #Google #Ads #combine #Smart #standard #Display … Read more

5 Smart Strategies of eCommerce Success

Reading Time: 16 minutes “While opening an eCommerce business, there are plenty of things and aspects that you have to keep in mind. But some important leading aspects can guarantee the best results, and that’s what you will get to know in this blog. Here, I have listed five major points that you should  consider before opening an eCommerce … Read more

Smart Strategies to Make Your Business Successful

Reading Time: 9 minutes Most people believe that starting a business is the hardest thing in the world, but it’s not. Making your business successful and unique is actually much harder than that, and it’s a process that takes quite a long time, energy, and patience. Still, if you’re not afraid to think outside the box and explore creative … Read more

Xiaomi launches its own smart glasses, of course – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 5 minutes Xiaomi is challenging Facebook in the wearables arena by launching its own smart glasses. The device won’t only be capable of taking photos, but also of displaying messages and notifications, making calls, providing navigation and translating text right in real time in front of your eyes. Like Facebook, Xiaomi is also putting emphasis on the … Read more

Smart SEO: Optimizing Artificial Intelligence For Lifting SEO

Reading Time: 13 minutes When we heard the term artificial intelligence (AI), we automatically think about science-fiction movies featuring killer robots that destroy humankind. The public perception is understandable, but it not quite accurate. AI has already touched many aspects of our daily lives. According to a recent AI adoption survey, almost 63% of respondents are already using AI … Read more

Cardano Introduces Smart Contracts Following Hard Fork Success |

Reading Time: 4 minutes Cardano’s hard fork named Alonzo has been successfully completed. Scripts for smart contracts powered by Plutus have been introduced as a result. On Monday, a tweet from IOHK announced that the successful completion of the upgrade at the 290th epoch. First Time Smart Contracts On Cardano The complete upgrade has facilitated the execution and the … Read more

5 Smart Tips for Working from a Virtual Office

Reading Time: 13 minutes Nowadays, more and more businesses consider offering remote working as a permanent option. And, while employees enjoy greater autonomy and flexible working schedules, business proprietors and project leaders are looking for ways to manage their remote teams. This task may look quite challenging and even intimidating, especially if you haven’t tried the other options except … Read more

Facebook sees potential of smart glasses in Ray-Ban deal

Reading Time: 5 minutes Facebook has picked up the smart glasses baton from Snapchat Spectacles and the ill-fated Google Glass with the launch of designer specs designed to bring your feed closer to your face than ever before. Not happy with just taking over your phone and computer, Facebook is making a play for your head with stylish tech … Read more

Daily Crunch: Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are latest step in Facebook’s AR ambitions – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 11 minutes To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hi friends! Greg here again for this edition of the Daily Crunch on Thursday, September 9, 2021. Alex Wilhelm is still out on vacation for a few more days … even though … Read more