Random: What Happens When You Remove Charles Barkley From His Own Video Game?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Image: Nintendo Life “Sir Charles” Barkley is one of basketball’s all-time greats. He was voted the NBA’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ in 1993 and has been named as one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history. Like so many popular sports personalities, “Chuck” got his own video game in the ’90s in the form of … Read more

Some Of The Original Terranigma Team Want To Revive The Classic SNES RPG

Reading Time: 4 minutes Image: Square Enix Despite only seeing release in Japan and Europe, 1995’s Terranigma is regarded as one of the highlights of the SNES RPG library, and copies change hands for startling prices on the secondary market these days. Sadly, the game has never been re-released in any form, but that’s something that some of the … Read more

Four Lost NES, SNES And N64 Games Have Been Brought Back To Life, Pre-Orders Now Open

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re big on your video game preservation and history, this latest batch of pre-orders will be right up your retro-collecting street. Piko Interactive, an American publisher that specialises in grabbing the rights to forgotten, never-released games from years gone by and giving them the development time they deserved, has opened orders for four games … Read more

Random: Fancy A ‘New’ Copy Of F-Zero On The SNES? PixelHeart Has You Covered

Reading Time: 3 minutes © PixelHeart We’re pretty used to seeing retro games getting reprints these days, but if you have a craving for 100% authenticity, then you might be more excited by the news that French publisher PixelHeart has 500 ‘new’ copies of F-Zero on the SNES for sale. While some overly optimistic individuals might assume these are … Read more

Chip’s Challenge Is Making Its Console Debut On SNES And SEGA Genesis

Reading Time: 4 minutes Though many gamers are focused on the latest shiny new games from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, there’s a market for ‘new’ releases on retro systems too. Now another one is going up for pre-order, in this case a game that’ll be making its console debut on Super NES and SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive; yes, … Read more

Nintendo Plugs Its NSO Zelda Games Ahead Of Skyward Sword HD’s Release

Reading Time: 3 minutes Next week sees the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on the Switch. Although it’s only an updated version of a 2011 Wii title, Nintendo has been promoting it non-stop since it was originally announced. It’s now using the lead-up to the game’s release to promote Link’s classics adventures on the Nintendo … Read more

Soapbox: Super Metroid Showed Me I Had The Right To Exist

Reading Time: 12 minutes © Nintendo My first experience with the Metroid series was relatively unremarkable: I just bought Super Metroid for my SNES, back when a brand new SNES game was something you could just walk into a local shop and buy. I took its oversized box home, flipped through the glossy Player’s Guide, and noticed something odd … Read more

After Almost 3 Decades, You Can Finally Read The Comic For SNES Classic ‘Skyblazer’ Online

Reading Time: 4 minutes Skyblazer is one of those ‘AA’ SNES titles that no one seems to talk about enough these days. Developed by Ukiyotei – the same studio which produced the equally underrated Hook for the same console and would later create the two excellent Metal Slug games for the Neo Geo Pocket Color – Skyblazer was released … Read more

EarthBound YouTube Videos Keep Getting Flagged For Copyright By Sony

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’re a YouTube content creator hoping to share let’s plays or other videos on EarthBound, SNES’ cult classic RPG, you might want to think twice. Over the past couple of weeks, reports have come flooding in from YouTube users who say that their EarthBound-based videos are being flagged for copyright by Sony. In some … Read more

Tributes Pour In For Near, The Developer Behind One Of The World’s Best SNES Emulators

Reading Time: 17 minutes © Nintendo Life It has been reported that Near, the developer behind the excellent SNES emulator BSNES (also known as Higan), has tragically taken their own life. Near – who also went by the names ‘byuu’ and ‘Dave’ in the past and identified as non-binary – posted a Twitter thread over the weekend which opened … Read more