How to Increase Revenue with Purchase Behavior Targeting Led Social Media Marketing

Reading Time: 13 minutes Share: With clickthrough rates and high engagement coming under increasing scrutiny from CEOs, CMO and founder of Bango, Anil Malhotra, explains how digital marketers are adopting a new approach to social media marketing that has a tangible impact on the bottom line. In 2020, digital marketers spent an astonishing £85 … Read more

How brands are innovating gifs in social media marketing campaigns

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Drum’s social media executive Amy Houston looks to top brands to assess how they can best use gifs and looping videos to increase awareness, market their products and ultimately have a bit of fun in the meantime. The humble gif (Graphics Interchange Format) was first developed by computer scientists back in ’87, and similar … Read more

Ted Lasso, the Olympics, and Talking About Mental Health

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Monitor is a weekly column devoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter. Throughout TV history, there has been one go-to image of a therapist: a smartly dressed person in a well-appointed office, possibly holding a notepad, asking far more direct, pointed questions than the … Read more

Why the History of Black Twitter Needed to Be Told

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’ve been on Twitter, then you’ve been on Black Twitter. No other subsection of social media has produced ideas and movements as influential or as dynamic as those that have come from Black voices on Twitter. In the early days, it existed as a space where Black people could connect, bat around some jokes, … Read more

Four social commerce innovations in 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes Over the past year, online shopping has become more popular than ever before, with the influence of the pandemic leaving an everlasting effect on how we choose to shop. With this in mind, social platforms have had to adjust their technology to meet the high demands of users, trying to make shopping experiences as simple … Read more

Clubhouse Opens Its Doors. Is Anyone Rushing to Get In?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Among early adopters, the most coveted item this time last year was not hand sanitizer or Clorox wipes but a username on Clubhouse, the audio-only social media platform that had Silicon Valley abuzz when it launched in the spring. Access required an invitation from someone already on the app, and these became so in-demand during … Read more

SugarCRM’s Sugar Market Provides Campaign Builder Tools & Data Insights To Enhance Campaign Engagement

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Sugar Market solution from customer experience platform SugarCRM provides B2B organizations with campaign engagement and management software to help them better connect with buyers, increase engagement and measure the impact of their marketing initiatives. Back-Of-The-Box Details Sugar Market is an all-in-one marketing automation solution that provides users with a curated set of email marketing, … Read more

2 Smart Strategies to Generate Leads on Facebook in iOS 14

Reading Time: 15 minutes iOS 14 has certainly lived up to the headache that it was predicted to be for several months. Between domain verification and aggregated event management, your average Facebook advertiser will certainly feel lost in the new iteration of the advertising platform. I’ve even seen experienced marketers scratching their heads as the hoops Facebook now makes … Read more

TikTok a Year After Trump’s Ban: No Change, but New Threats

Reading Time: 9 minutes Saturday will mark a year since Donald Trump said he would ban the wildly popular and annoyingly addictive short-video app TikTok from millions of US smartphones, citing threats to users’ privacy and security posed by its Chinese ownership. A week later, Trump signed an executive order directing the app’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, to either sell … Read more

Australia fines Lorna Jane $5m for claiming its activewear products can ‘cure Covid-19’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Australia has fined activewear brand Lorna Jane for falsely advertising that its LJ Shield Activewear can ‘eliminate‘, ‘stop the spread‘ and ‘protect wearers‘ against ‘viruses including Covid-19‘. The brand has been ordered to pay $5 million (USD $3.69m) by the Australian Federal Court in penalties for making false and misleading representations to consumers, and engaging … Read more