The History Of Streets Of Rage

Reading Time: 34 minutes This feature originally graced your screens on 25th December 2019, republished today to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Streets of Rage. For a lot of us more ‘seasoned’ gamers, the announcement of Streets of Rage 4 brought a tear to the eye. The original Mega Drive/Genesis Streets of Rage trilogy holds a special place in … Read more

Streets Of Rage 4 DLC Finally Available To Buy On Switch Following 10-Day Delay

Reading Time: 6 minutes Image: Dotemu Update #2 (Mon 26th Jul, 2021): Coming ten days after the Streets of Rage 4 DLC launched on other platforms, it’s now finally available to purchase on everyone’s favourite handheld hybrid console family. Dotemu’s Executive Director Cyrille Imbert had this to say in a press release letting fans know the DLC blockage on … Read more

Dotemu ‘Apologise Unreservedly’ As Streets Of Rage 4 DLC Is Unavailable On Switch

Reading Time: 3 minutes © Dotemu Streets of Rage 4 has plenty of eager fans, so the launch of today’s major Mr. X Nightmare DLC has been well anticipated; it’ll add a survivor mode, three new characters and new moves to spice up the game. Unfortunately publisher Dotemu has hit a problem and it’s not arrived as expected on … Read more

Streets Of Rage 4 DLC And Physical Edition Release Dates Confirmed

Reading Time: 5 minutes Streets of Rage 4 was a big highlight of 2020 for gamers of a certain age, beat ’em up fans and indeed anyone that simply jumped into the series for the first time and had a blast. Dotemu and the teams at Lizardcube / Guard Crush Games have since kept anticipation high with the Mr. … Read more