The Opportunity of Downtime: How to Get Ten Steps Ahead

Reading Time: 22 minutes Share: When things slow down, some leaders give into fear and uncertainty. The worst end up sinking their boats. But even those who survive might end up missing the boat because they are so focused on the fear — rather than the opportunities downtime presents. In business, there are two … Read more

8 Visual Storytelling Tools and How They’ll Help Your Content Marketing

Reading Time: 13 minutes Storytelling and visuals are two of the most powerful tools content marketers have. Both can help get ideas across more effectively and increase engagement. Combining these two elements—well, that’s a recipe for success. How can marketers go about creating a successful visual story? Luckily, there are plenty of tools available to help you take a … Read more

Top 12 Email Marketing Tools For Free |

Reading Time: 26 minutes Email Marketing tool is used to create email marketing campaigns. Most tools make it possible to create and edit the email template, store contacts (Leads), trigger emails, and monitor, measuring metrics such as email open rate and click rate. Email Marketing is the heart of a digital marketing strategy. It is an excellent tool for … Read more

13 Best Free Graphic Design Tools to Improve Your Visual Appeal

Reading Time: 19 minutes When it comes to your website, blog, or social media accounts, the first thing visitors notice are the visuals. In fact, it takes only 0.05 seconds for users to decide whether they’ll stay or leave. That means the visual appeal of your online presence is highly important. This means you need to design something … Read more

Wait, more martech tools create more manual tasks?!

Reading Time: 8 minutes The good team at Airtable, whom I featured in my MarTech keynote, Marketing Superpowers: How AI & No Code Transform Every Marketer into a Maker, recently published the Airtable Marketing Trends Report based on a survey of 300 marketing leaders. This was their overview summary: Despite investment in tooling and processes, marketers aren’t operationally equipped … Read more


Reading Time: 9 minutes Unintentional Plagiarism Unintentional plagiarism occurs when a person fails to follow appropriate citation procedures without an obvious intention to copy someone’s work. It includes the failure to: ● Put a Citation of a source that is not common.  ● Quote any writer’s particular words.  ● Rewrite in your own words. This is also a violation. … Read more

How to Create a Lead Generation Minisite in 3 Steps – Tips & Tools

Reading Time: 13 minutes Do you have a long list of domains you never had time to create a website for? Who doesn’t, right? Here’s an idea for at least one or two of those: set up a lead generation website. I have an SEO background, so in most cases, my advice would be: keep everything on your main … Read more

5 Sales Enablement Tools For Inbound Marketing & Sales Teams

Reading Time: 14 minutes Here’s a simple truth: Without sales, there’s no business. So if it weren’t for the goal of closing deals, marketing content wouldn’t have much purpose. That is to say, at least for B2B inbound marketing, the whole point is to pave the way for the sales process by helping the prospective customer. Sales enablement takes … Read more

Social Tools: Our Last Resort to Keep a Semblance of Social Life and Leisure?

Reading Time: 26 minutes Share: Yes, according to 78% of millennial and 33% of boomers from a recent survey. This past year has pushed the digital boom even further, not only in the consumption of goods but also in people’s interactions. Our relationship with social tools like social media and other digital platforms has … Read more