Types of student accommodation during study abroad

Reading Time: 8 minutes As international students make the conscious decision to study abroad, there are a number of important factors that have to be looked at. One of these factors is accommodation. Accommodation is the place at which the student must live through the entirety of their program. Universities abroad have many tie-ups and offer in terms of accommodation, which are … Read more

Different types of Australian universities to study abroad

Reading Time: 8 minutes Among the top study destinations, for students to study abroad, Australia has cemented its position as one of the best countries to study abroad. Counted among the most popular destinations, Australia welcomes a number of international students from across the globe. Home to some of the most highly ranked universities abroad, its excellent teaching and … Read more

Content Marketing for Renewable Energy: 4 Types of Content to Create

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Renewable energy adoption has been on an upward trajectory for years, and that trend only seems to be accelerating. In fact, solar is the fastest-growing source of electricity. Solar generation is expected to rise to 48% of total U.S. renewable energy generation by 2050 (up from just 11% in 2017).

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Explained! Parallelogram: 6 Properties of Parallelogram, Types of Parallelogram

Reading Time: 2 minutes 1. Opposite sides of Parallelogram are parallel to each other. Here, AB ∥ CD and AD ∥ BC 2. Opposite sides are congruent, means opposite sides are equal in length. AB = CD and AD = BC 3. Opposite angles are congruent, means opposite angles are equal in measure. angle B = angle D and angle … Read more

Types of Email Formats and When to Use Them

Reading Time: 7 minutes

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Of all the ways to communicate with your customers, email campaigns still reign supreme. Email generates $38 for every $1 spent, equalling a 3,800% ROI, according to HubSpot. That’s not nothing!

While content is one of the most important aspects of your email newsletter, don’t forget to think about the format as you lay everything out. A compelling design and flow will guide your readers through the email in a way that will entice them to open future correspondence.

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Explained! Types of Angles: Acute, Right, Obtuse, Reflex, Complete Angles

Reading Time: < 1 minute If the sum of two angles is equal to 180°, then they are supplementary angles. One of the supplementary angles is said to be the supplement of the other.In the above picture, ∠ABC + ∠CBD = 60° + 120° = 180°. Example: 75°To determine the supplement, subtract the given angle from 180°. 180° – 75° … Read more

Explained! Parts of a Leaf, Types of Leaves, Functions of Leaves, Leaf Venations

Reading Time: 3 minutes Photosynthesis: The leaves make food for the plant by the process of photosynthesis. The leaf is also known as the food factory of the plant. The leaves contain chloroplast, which is filled with a green pigment called chlorophyll. Leaves use this green pigment to produce food by converting the energy in sunlight, water and carbon … Read more

Explained! 3 Types of Roots, Functions of Roots, TapRoot, Fibrous & Adventitious Roots

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anchoring and supporting the plant: Root anchor the plant firmly in the soil. Absorption and Conduction: The roots absorb water and nutrients from the soil in mineral solution through the root hairs. The root hairs absorb the nutrients and conduct them to the shoot system via xylem through capillary action. Transportation: Absorbed water and minerals … Read more

How these two types of PR boosted our free trials by 108%

Reading Time: 2 minutes Good publicity is invaluable. Not only does it put your brand front and centre – more often than not it can lead to real ROI. Take BuzzSumo for example. Selling for seven figures within just three years of being founded, it’s a classic hyper-growth startup, the success of which co-founder Steve Rayson confidently attributes to two … Read more