The Invincible teaser gives us a look at the upcoming sci-fi thriller where your choices have consequences

Reading Time: 4 minutes Indie developer Starward Industries has a really neat-looking sci-fi thriller in the works called The Invincible, which is set in a retro-future timeline. Today, we get a new look at it. Announced last year, in this first-person game, you play as a scientist who wakes up on the hostile planet Regis III and takes off … Read more

Analysis | An upcoming climate summit is supposed to save the planet. But pessimism is building.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Earlier this year, John F. Kerry, the United States’ climate envoy, described the summit as the “last, best chance” to get more pledges of emissions cuts, aid to less-wealthy countries vulnerable to climate change and investments in renewable energies to wean the world off fossil fuels. As it is, unless mammoth reforms are implemented across … Read more

Adobe shows off upcoming Camera Raw support for Photoshop on iPad

Reading Time: 3 minutes  Adobe is bringing Camera Raw to the iPad version of Photoshop, and has demonstrated how it works in a hands-on video. Ryan Dumlao, senior product manager for Photoshop on iPad, shows how Camera Raw can be used to edit RAW and DNG photos directly imported from a camera — in this case a Fujifilm — … Read more

Sing a Bit of Harmony Music Video Highlights Footage From Upcoming Film

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ahead of its launch in Japan later this year, Sing a Bit of Harmony got a new teaser in the form of a music video from production company Shochiku. RELATED: Sing a Bit of Harmony Trailer Teases 2022 Release for Anime Pic On Tuesday, the company began streaming a brand new music video for the film. … Read more

DC’s New Superman Comes Out as Bisexual in Upcoming Comic

Reading Time: 5 minutes In 2015, DC Comics introduced Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The exact specifics of how this new character came into existence would take about hours to explain in full; the basics are that a few years ago Clark Kent and Lois Lane were able to get pregnant during a storyline where … Read more

Timothee Chalamet Reveals First Look as Willy Wonka in Upcoming Prequel

Reading Time: 6 minutes While recent Roald Dahl news has been centered on the acquisition of his entire catalog of stories by Netflix, Warner Bros. don’t want us to forget that they have their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prequel, Wonka, coming soon and announced last week that the movie was underway shooting in the U.K. It seems that … Read more

Where Each Netflix Defender Could Return In Upcoming MCU Movies & Shows

Reading Time: 17 minutes Netflix’s Defenders characters could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe at last and may feature in a number of different shows and feature films. Back when the MCU was truly taking off after The Avengers, Marvel TV and Netflix joined forces to create multiple Marvel shows that would culminate with a crossover event, The Defenders. Shows for Daredevil, Luke Cage, … Read more

Timothée Chalamet Reveals Willy Wonka Transformation in First Look at Upcoming Film – E! Online

Reading Time: 2 minutes We have some news that’s positively scrumdiddlyumptious! On Sunday, Oct. 10, past Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet posted on his Instagram page the first photos of himself as Willy Wonka in the upcoming 2023 Warner Bros. Pictures movie Wonka, the anticipated third film inspired by late author Roald Dahl‘s beloved children’s book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. “The suspense is terrible. I … Read more

NASA Announces Astronaut Changes for Upcoming Commercial Crew Missions

Reading Time: 8 minutes NASA has reassigned astronauts Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada to the agency’s SpaceX Crew-5 mission to the International Space Station as part of the Commercial Crew Program. Mann and Cassada will serve as spacecraft commander and pilot, respectively, for the Crew-5 mission. Additional crew members will be announced later. Crew-5 is expected to launch no … Read more