Caves of Qud update has relaxed story mode and a coral-encrusted arcology

Reading Time: 5 minutes Impressively large and strange roguelike Caves of Qud has a new update out on October 25, a big one adding two new regions, a new village, and a bunch of improvements for those looking to get into what can be an intimidating genre.  In short, the creators say that the patch, called Palladium Reef, has … Read more

Cisco: Change in Product Categories and ARR Update

Reading Time: 3 minutes As discussed at our Investor Day on September 15, 2021, Cisco will report its product and service revenue in the following categories effective Q1 FY 2022: Secure, Agile NetworksHybrid WorkEnd-to-End SecurityInternet for the FutureOptimized Application ExperiencesOther ProductsServices This change will better align our product categories with our strategic priorities. It will … Read more

Phasmophobia’s Halloween update, Nightmare, will release next week

Reading Time: 4 minutes Phasmophobia has revealed its Halloween update, Nightmare, will roll out on 25th October at 4pm UK time. “Been quiet on here lately, but here’s some exciting news,” developer Kinetic Games teased on its social media channels, accompanying the statement with a single image that shows the name, date, and time the update is expected to … Read more

Stimulus Check Update: The IRS Might Be Owed Money If They Send A Letter |

Reading Time: 4 minutes According to some mainstream news, a mathematical error in the IRS led to a large section of the population receiving stimulus check payments that they shouldn’t have. Now, they would have to pay the money that they owe the IRS. This has turned out to be a true scenario, with multiple letters being sent throughout … Read more

Xbox October update adds 4K Dashboard, Night Mode, and more

Reading Time: 5 minutes Microsoft has released the Xbox October update and it features a 4K dashboard for Xbox Series X, Night Mode for Xbox consoles, and new Quick settings. The update adds a natively rendered 4K dashboard on Xbox Series X consoles which increases sharpness and text readability. Prior to this week’s update, the Xbox Series X dashboard, … Read more

Konami delays eFootball’s first update “to ensure the experience is improved for all of our users”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Konami has delayed eFootball 2022’s first update. The 0.9.1 update was due out 28th October. It’s now due out “early November”. That could be a week or perhaps two weeks? “We sincerely apologise for the delay and the inconvenience caused,” Konami said in a statement published on Twitter. “Our hope is that the additional time … Read more

Valheim dev teases the Mistlands biome update with work-in-progress screenshot

Reading Time: 4 minutes The future gets clearer. Valheim developer Iron Gate Studios has teased the upcoming Mistlands biome update with a work-in-progress screenshot. Following last month’s launch of the Hearth & Home update, the majority of the development team behind the hit indie Viking game started working on the Mistlands, Iron Gate Studios said in a blog post on … Read more

Animal Crossing players prepping impressive farms ahead of 2.0 update

Reading Time: 4 minutes Goodbye, pumpkin-only farms. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have been eager to grow a plethora of veggies on their islands, and come Nov. 5, new crops will arrive. In anticipation, plenty of New Horizons players have already prepped impressive gardens and farms to make space for the new crops. For a lot of New Horizons … Read more

Stimulus Check Update: Check If You Owe Money To The IRS |

Reading Time: 5 minutes The investigation of a math error on a stimulus check is underway by the IRS and has left millions of Americans owing money to the government. The Taxpayer Advocate Service confirmed that the Internal Revenue Service had sent 9 million notices to the people from the 1st of January to the 15th of July. These … Read more

Stimulus Check Update: Who Will Be Receiving $1,400? |

Reading Time: 4 minutes Senior citizens could be one of the sectors of the population who would be receiving a stimulus check through pressure groups. A letter that was sent by the Senior Citizens League Chairman Rick Delaney to the leaders of Congress does serve to illustrate the situation that was faced by most of the seniors. The letter … Read more