Upgrading to GA4: The Newest Version of Google Analytics

Reading Time: 10 minutes In October 2020, Google began the rollout of the newest version of their analytics platform. Known as GA4, this new iteration of Google Analytics was created with the intention of making it easier for business owners and marketers to track both mobile and web properties in one place. It’s also solution that enables cookieless tracking, … Read more

The Best Social Media Report Template for Social Media Managers [2021 Version]

Reading Time: 15 minutes Two of the most common questions we hear from our social media consulting clients are “what is the best social media report template?” and “what data points should my social media report include?”  I have an answer for you, plus get instant access to our free social media report template for social media and marketing … Read more

Mathematicians Prove a 2D Version of Quantum Gravity Works

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s an elegant idea that yields concrete answers only for select quantum fields. No known mathematical procedure can meaningfully average an infinite number of objects covering an infinite expanse of space in general. The path integral is more of a physics philosophy than an exact mathematical recipe. Mathematicians question its very existence as a valid … Read more

Instagram is developing its own version of Twitter’s Super Follow with ‘Exclusive Stories’ – TechCrunch

Reading Time: 11 minutes Instagram is building its own version of Twitter’s Super Follow with a feature that would allow online creators to publish “exclusive” content to their Instagram Stories that’s only available to their fans — access that would likely come with a subscription payment of some kind. Instagram confirmed the screenshots of the feature recently circulated across … Read more