Russia Races To Build Giant Ice-Breakers For Arctic Dominance

Reading Time: 7 minutes Russian President Vladimir Putin has made the Arctic region an investment priority. (File) Saint Petersburg, Russia: At Saint Petersburg’s historic Baltic Shipyard, cranes hover over the shining Neva River as hundreds of workers build four nuclear-powered ice-breakers. Fronted by a Russian flag and named after the country’s northern regions, the giant vessels are meant to … Read more

With Afghanistan pullout, US ditches ‘forever wars’ – Times of India

Reading Time: 8 minutes WASHINGTON: Joe Biden‘s pullout from Afghanistan has stunned with its speed, but Washington already decided four years ago that it was fed up with “forever wars” and turned its attention to traditional great power competition with China and Russia. Fighting stateless terror groups like al-Qaida and Islamic State consumed the US security establishment, and trillions … Read more

Xi, Putin extend 20-year-old friendship treaty to firm up close ties amid US, EU offensive – Times of India

Reading Time: 10 minutes BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed on Monday to work together as they extended a 20-year-old bilateral agreement on friendship and cooperation to forge closer ties, amid the US and the EU push against both the countries over human rights and a host of other issues. The two leaders … Read more

Turnout low as France votes in new Macron, Le Pen test – Times of India

Reading Time: 8 minutes PARIS: France was voting in the second round of regional elections Sunday seen as a test for centrist President Emmanuel Macron and the far-right of Marine Le Pen, but with voter participation so far showing no improvement from the woeful first phase turnout. The June 20 first round saw Macron’s ruling party suffer another poll … Read more