EXPLAINER: Kim’s launches show push to boost nuke arsenal

Reading Time: 9 minutes SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s recent sword-rattling after months of relative quiet makes clear that leader Kim Jong Un is working on expanding his weapons arsenal. Nuclear-capable missiles hidden in trains that can be launched anywhere along a railway. A new cruise missile resembling the U.S. Tomahawk that can be potentially topped with atomic … Read more

North Korea says it tested rail-launched ballistic missiles

Reading Time: 10 minutes SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said Thursday it succeeded in launching ballistic missiles from a train for the first time as part of continuing efforts to bolster its “war deterrence,” a day after the two Koreas tested-fired missiles hours apart in dueling display of military might. The launches underscored a return of tensions between … Read more

Top S. Korean, Chinese diplomats meet amid N. Korea tensions

Reading Time: 5 minutes The foreign ministers of South Korea and China are meeting for talks expected to focus on North Korea and other regional security issues By HYUNG-JIN KIM Associated Press September 15, 2021, 1:06 AM • 2 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article SEOUL, South Korea — The foreign ministers of South Korea and … Read more