Our Favorite Smartwatches Do Much More Than Just Tell Time

Reading Time: 3 minutes In May, Google announced it would be releasing a new version of its wearable operating system, which is used by a bevy of tech and fashion brands, including Mobvoi and the Fossil Group. It’s called Wear OS 3, and it’s being codeveloped by Google, Samsung, and Fitbit (the latter is now Google-owned). This new version is … Read more

This Device Could Tune Your Heart—Then Dissolve Away

Reading Time: 7 minutes The first medical implant to come of that breakthrough was a thin sheet that electrically jolts injured tissue to kick-start nerve regeneration, which the team tested in rats. Rogers then teamed up with cardiologists, including Arora, who saw an opportunity to forgo traditional temporary pacemakers used to treat slow heart rhythms. Rogers likens this dissolvable … Read more

How to Work Out More—Using Your Phone’s Default Apps

Reading Time: 5 minutes Most of us have tons of third-party apps installed on our phones, but you might be surprised at just how much your Apple or Android handset can do right out of the box—and that extends to health and fitness tracking. If you’re looking to start working on your physical fitness—perhaps after the disruption of a … Read more

I Tried 5 Sleep Gadgets for My Nagging Insomnia

Reading Time: 7 minutes Sleep is important. But knowing we need to prioritize sleep or that we aren’t getting enough, sadly, is not conducive to getting more. And insomnia is an alarmingly common condition. As many as 35 percent of adults in the US have occasional symptoms of insomnia, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, while 20 percent … Read more