US Senate Passes Bill To Ban All Products From China’s Xinjiang

Reading Time: 4 minutes Security at gates of what is officially known as a vocational skills education center in Huocheng County Washington: The U.S. Senate passed legislation on Wednesday to ban the import of products from China’s Xinjiang region, the latest effort in Washington to punish Beijing for what U.S. officials say is an ongoing genocide against Uyghurs and … Read more

European Union Set “Unacceptable” Preconditions For China Visit: Beijing

Reading Time: 5 minutes China: Xinjiang is a province where an estimated 2 million Uyghurs have been detained since 2016 (File). Brussels: China has accused the European Union (EU) of imposing “unacceptable” preconditions on a visit to Xinjiang province. In a statement, the Chinese mission to the EU said Beijing has also invited diplomats from the EU and its … Read more

Secret society: What the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t want you to know – Times of India

Reading Time: 8 minutes BEIJING: China’s ruling Communist Party, which celebrates its 100th anniversary Thursday, is characterised by secrecy in leading the world’s second-biggest economic power from the shadows. Founded as an illegal Marxist underground movement in Shanghai a century ago, it has subsequently been defined by the strict control of information, surveillance and purges of dissenters. Here are … Read more

Communist Party marks centenary: Xi Jinping vows China will never be bullied – Times of India

Reading Time: 10 minutes BEIJING: China will not allow itself to be bullied and anyone who tries will face “broken heads and bloodshed in front of the iron Great Wall of the 1.4 billion Chinese people,” President Xi Jinping said at a mass gathering Thursday to mark the centenary of the ruling Communist Party. Wearing a grey buttoned-up suit … Read more

Pakistan under ‘pressure’ from US, Western powers over its close ties with China: Imran Khan – Times of India

Reading Time: 5 minutes ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that Pakistan was under “pressure” from the US and other Western powers over his country’s all-weather ties with China and vowed to never buckle under pressure. Pakistan and China enjoy a “very special relationship” spanning over 70 years and nothing could change these time-tested ties, Khan said … Read more

At 100, China’s Communist Party looks to cement its future – Times of India

Reading Time: 12 minutes BEIJING: For China’s Communist Party, celebrating its 100th birthday on Thursday is not just about glorifying its past. It’s also about cementing its future and that of its leader, Chinese President Xi Jinping. In the build-up to the July 1 anniversary, Xi and the party have exhorted its members and the nation to remember the … Read more

America plans to spend billions of dollars to counter China – Times of India

Reading Time: 6 minutes WASHINGTON: The US plans a massive spending plan to counter China. According to the senate, China is America’s greatest geopolitical and geo-economic challenge and passed the United States Innovation and Competition Act 2021 to spend more than $250 billion to ensure that the US stays on top in terms of technological research and production. The … Read more

US House passes legislation to boost scientific research in competition with China – Times of India

Reading Time: 6 minutes WASHINGTON: The US House of Representatives on Monday passed legislation that would boost scientific research in an effort to make the US more competitive than China. The US lawmakers passed two bills on a bipartisan basis to increase funding for the National Science Foundation and establish a new directorate for science and engineering to expand … Read more

Furious patriots: China’s diplomatic makeover backfires – Times of India

Reading Time: 8 minutes BEIJING: For over a year they have whipped up outrage against the West, but as China’s “wolf warrior” diplomats are told to tone down the fury, they face an unexpected source of opposition: nationalists at home. Under fire in recent years over issues ranging from human rights abuses to blame for the Covid-19 pandemic, Beijing … Read more