The Advantages of Colon Cleansing

Toxins can now enter our bodies through a variety of routes, including ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption. These toxins can penetrate all the way down to the cellular level. The liver and kidneys receive these poisons from the bloodstream through the body’s defense mechanisms, which remove them from the cells. However, poisons and heavy metals that are eliminated from cells due to a defective excretory system, such as constipation, will be reabsorbed into the body.

Colon detox resolves the aforementioned issues and provides additional advantages like:

  • Feces contain poisons and heavy metals that are excreted.
  • Eliminates harmful germs in the intestines.
  • Colon folds are cleaned of any leftover food waste.
  • Detoxification of the colon encourages the colon to naturally expand and contract, which strengthens the colon muscles.
  • Increases colon immunity and lymph system strength, which helps cure allergies and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Who Needs To Detox Their Colon?

According to studies, colon cleansing is safe for the majority of people. It is a technique for getting rid of toxins that is especially suited to people with IBS, chronic constipation, regular diarrhea, weakened immune systems, or inadequate colon function. Colon detox is typically only necessary once each week. Once a month or as directed by the treating physician is acceptable after 5 sessions.

Procedure for Colon detox

Before the procedure, patients do not need to do anything in advance. Neither a fast nor laxatives are required. The treating physician will conduct a comprehensive physical examination and review the patient’s medical history to determine each individual’s physical readiness. A separate treatment room is used for colon detox. To clean the colon, a small tube is introduced into the patient’s rectum. There are two alternative ways to detoxify the colon, and they are as follows:

Open source

25 liters of water combined with coffee or herbal powder are used to cleanse the colon:

With herbal or mineral water, the colon is cleansed. 

Second, the colon is washed once again using water and coffee powder. The colon is cleaned with herbal or mineral water after 10 cycles to remove any coffee stains. Lever movement and water container height are used to regulate water pressure. Water can enter the descending colon but not the cecum, where food waste is still present. The session is more private because the patient can use the lever independently without a nurse’s aid.

Shut-Down System

To guarantee safety, a nurse regulates the water flow and pressure. The water can enter the cecum using this technique. Without using peristaltic waves, the entire colon system gets cleansed. The nurse will massage the belly as the colon is being detoxified. Compared to the open system, this approach better cleanses the colon. However, because the nurse is there, this treatment is more suited for individuals who need assistance or are unconcerned about privacy.

Restrictions and contraindications for colon cleanse

Colon detox should not be done by people who have recently undergone colon surgery, especially within the last six months. After six months, and depending on the patient’s physical condition, colon detox can only be performed with the treating physician’s approval. 

  • Patients whose rectums are unable to defecate. people who have colostomy bags, for instance. severe hemorrhoids patients
  • Individuals with colon cancer that has spread
  • People who experience intestinal blockage
  • Sufferers of peritonitis
  • Patients with potentially perforated colon wounds
  • Patients with hemorrhage
  • Young people and expectant mothers
  • Those who have unmanageable hypertension
  • People with heart disease that is uncontrollable
  • Elderly patients who frequently feel exhausted

Do keep in mind that anyone choosing to undergo colon cleansing should exercise extra caution if they have a history of kidney or cardiac illness. Under the correct medical care, the treatment is both possible and recommended. Contact us today to schedule a consultation if you have any questions about Colon Hydrotherapy at Medical Massage Detox in Croydon Uk.

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