The best in class NPT thread gauge

There are various types and categories of thread gauges that can be purchased from the market. The thread gauges are used for performing an important function where they measure the threads on the screw and determine the thread angle, diameter, or pitch of the screw thread. The thread gauges are basically used for component qualitative tests to ensure that they meet the specified given standards. There are several vendors and manufacturers who are well established in the industry and they are known to provide reliable standard thread gauge and thread tap products for the customers.

Gaugestools is one of the renowned suppliers of a range of thread gauge and thread tap products in the market. The company is known for its efficient quality, reliable standards, post sales support, and effective customer care service to the clients. The company has all the essential certifications which guarantee the quality of products and ensure that they meet the provided industry standards for safety as well as efficiency. The thread gauges can be broadly divided into two types GO and NOGO.

The Gaugestools is golden key supplier of PayPal and it accepts credit card payments from various merchants including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. The PayPal provides buying protection for the customers. So if you need to make transaction at Gaugestools you can do it safely without worrying about the privacy of your data or safety of your funds or transactions.

The top features of NPG thread gauges

The Gaugestools manufactures and supplies premium quality thread as well as ring gauges for the varying requirements of the clients. The NPT thread gauges also known as National Pipe Taper thread gauges, are used for threaded pipes as well as pipe fittings. These threads are tapered for the purpose of sealing and there is no need for any separate thread sealant. Every NPT gage manufactured by the company has complete calibration – delivering quality assurance and the gauges are sold at low price while delivering high precision performance.

As far as the specifications for the product is concerned, a hardened tool steel-Gcr15 material is used in the manufacturing of these products and it comes with high degree of wear resistance. This helps in increasing the durability of the NPT thread gauge provided by Gaugestools. The hardness is 58-62 HRC and all the gauges are in new pristine condition. The company also provides laser marking service for the gauges with client’s logo being an example.

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