The INI-CET 2020: Exam Analysis, Recall Questions and Solutions

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So, for the first time in the history of PG entrance exams, the four giants of the Indian medical world got together & held the INI-CET. The first INI-CET exam was conducted on 20th Nov 2020 where students were given 3 hours to attempt 200 questions. There were a few new experiences for the students. Now as the exam is over, it’s time to analyse the recall questions, go through INI-CET 2020 solutions and learn from the mistakes to strengthen your preparation for NEET PG 2021.


The exam was a mixed bag of:

  • Many repeat questions (pink cannula, adrenaline dilution, tension pneumothorax)
  • Many high-yield ‘sitters’ (qSOFA, high-anion-gap Metab acidosis, STD’s, HPV-protein in vaccine, iritis, Kcat/Km)
  • A few tough questions (like Robson’s criteria, cramps in a pregnant woman, diarrhoea in Vibrio, Letterer-Siwe disease – paediatric LCH)
  • A large chunk of image-based questions
  • Several extended-matching type questions, which students found time-consuming
  • Multiple choice correct questions, which were actually tougher than the original PGI pattern as the students had to make a fixed number of correct choices like a, c, d OR a, b, c

Exam Peculiarities:

  • A large number of Dermatology & Forensic questions with quite a few COVID-related questions
  • Much less than expected questions from Ophthalmology, OBGYN & PSM


The difficulty level of the exam was:

  • Easy for students, who went through the previous years’ papers thoroughly. The regular revision through previous year papers helped these candidates predict the important topics beforehand and answer quickly.
  • Moderate for students, who had read the theory or watched recorded video lectures thoroughly and were able to retain most of that voluminous information. The lack of practice with previous year question papers and imprecise direction of preparation strategy made the stuck at in a few areas.
  • Difficult for students, who were unable to remember information during the exam. For instance, no matter how many times you went through the topic, if you couldn’t remember which organism is oxidase & catalase-positive OR the sequence of events in the cardiac cycle OR Peutz Jegher’s, you’ve missed the bus.

INI-CET 2020 Solutions

INI-CET 2020 detailed solutions for different subjects have been prepared by the top doctors at Aakash PG Plus to help NEET PG aspirants learn from their mistakes and strengthen their preparation for the next target. Find PDF files of detailed INI-CET 2020 solutions for each subject in the table below.

Tips to strengthen your medical PG entrance exam preparation

Whether it is INI-CET or NEET-PG, the competition is equally tough in both exams. Candidates need to strive hard to secure a top rank to get admission to their dream college. Having 32+ years of experience in the test-prep industry and a team of highly experienced doctors, Aakash PG Plus can help you get closer to your dream.

Getting through Competitive Exams

Our 32+ years of presence in the medical entrance exam has helped us understand that to get through any competitive exam, every candidate should focus on these basic principles:

100% accuracy

You can’t manage to get repeated and the anticipated high-yield questions wrong. If you want to score a top rank in highly competitive exams like NEET PG or INI-CET, along with your speed, you also need to work on your accuracy.

Focus on facts

You should make a strategic preparation plan with a focus on both concepts and facts. Quick revision of facts can help you fetch good marks and improve your overall rank.

Prioritize the topics

Though when it comes to competitive exams, everything seems to be important. But there is always segregation of important and less important topics, knowing which is essential for the students to secure a good rank.

So, the golden question is “how does the student ensure that they meet all these requirements?”

By doing just two things:

  1. Solving previous years’ papers
  2. Multiple revisions

How to do this?

With the expert guidance and knowledge of Aakash faculty. To help you save your time and efforts, the expert doctors have compiled the list of previous year papers, created mock tests with the high-yield questions and recorded video lectures to help you quickly revise the syllabus for NEET PG and INI-CET.

With only 4-5 months left to prepare for the NEET PG exam, the most important aspect for you right now is last-minute revision. Aakash PG Plus has launched a specialised last-minute revision program called Aakash Enerrgizer for the NEET PG 2021 exam. It will help you to do multiple targeted revisions of High Yield points in a short span of time.

Key Highlights of Aakash Enerrgizer

  • In this course, we are offering recorded video lectures on QUICK solutions of ALL questions asked in the last 4 years of NEET and AIIMS PG Exams
  • All the major topics will be covered through this series of condensed lectures
  • We will be covering 3,000 questions including 1000 image-based questions in the video lectures
  • These are Hot Topics as identified by our experts and you can do multiple revision of these topics by watching the video lectures
  • The content of the course has been designed by faculty from top colleges like AIIMS, MAMC, UCMS, PGI etc.

Apart from this, students will also get access to:

  • 600+ last-minute revision notes of all the subjects for FREE of cost
  • Free access to the ‘first chapter’ of each subject
  • Free all India NEET PG Mock Tests designed as per the NEET PG exam pattern, the detailed analysis of which has been provided in the recorded lectures
  • Quick doubt resolution by the top faculty to ensure your preparation doesn’t stop

What are you waiting for? Start your NEET PG 2021 revision with Aakash Enerrgizer today.

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