The Most Common Sign of Misaligned Wheels

How to get to Know Your Wheels Are Misaligned?

Whether you drive a car or drive other types of passenger or commercial vehicles, wheel alignment is one of the important things for a safe drive. An alignment of a car decides the steering condition, handling as well as the vehicle’s overall stability. However, harsh driving on irregular roads, hitting curbs or speed breakers at high speed, vehicle collisions, and damaged suspension parts are some reasons for misaligned wheels. When your vehicle gets misaligned wheels, your vehicle lets you know by showing you some symptoms. Go for Wheel Alignment Bedford when you get signs such as steering wheel vibration and more.

Here, you will get to know about the most common sign you will experience when your vehicle gets misaligned wheels. The performance and effectiveness of an automobile will improve with appropriate alignment. Many people don’t know about the value of an aligned wheel. It offers you safe cornering and stability at high speed. Many collisions on sharp turning are avoided with the help of properly aligned wheels. Now examine the signs of misaligned wheels.

When Your Vehicle Tyres Wear Out Fast

Whether your tyres wear out fast or get uneven wear, it’s a sign of misaligned wheels. Of course, suspension, lack of tyre maintenance, the way you drive as well as not maintaining the right air pressure are some other reasons for irregular or fast wear of the tyre. However, if such things are not the reason then it must be due to misaligned wheels. Overinflated or underinflated tyres can occur due to misaligned wheels.

When You Experience Vibration on Your Steering Wheels

Your vehicle has a misaligned wheel when its steering wheel vibrates. So when you feel a vibration you have to fix it ASAP. However, steering vibration can occur due to unbalanced wheels. Note; wheel alignment and wheel balancing are different things. The other reasons for vibration on the steering wheel are uneven tyres, broken rim as well as irregular tyre pressure.

Your Vehicle is not in Control

When your automobile is pulling to the left or right without moving the steering wheel. On a clear road, inspect your alignment. Keep both hands off the steering wheel and allow the car to drive itself. In case, your car is moving towards the right or left on the road it means your car has misaligned wheels.

When the Tyres Squeal

A misaligned wheel leads to a tyre squealing. A tyre gets squealed when you accelerate, stop and do cornering. Sudden brake and acceleration are the reason for tyre skidding.

When You Feel a Loose Steering Wheel

A weak or loose steering wheel can be extremely hazardous since it can slow turning reaction time. As a result, it can become a reason for accidents. Loose steering can be brought on by uneven wheel alignment and it is important to take your car for repair. The other reasons for loose steering are; loose steering gear, linkage socket issues, steering box or when something is wrong with the rack and pinion.

Crooked Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of your vehicle must always retain its shape (remain straight) and not off-centre while travelling on smooth terrain. Looking at the logo in the middle of your wheel is a simple method to do this. The wheel is centred if, when travelling straight, the symbol stays level. However, if the logo of your car leans a few degrees in either direction from level, your vehicle gets a crooked wheel and of course, it requires an aligned wheel.

When the Vehicle’s Economy Gets Reduced

As you have seen, your tyres get uneven or fast wear due to misaligned wheels, as a result, it affects fuel consumption. If you drive with an uneven tyre, your vehicle economy will be reduced.

Indeed, wheel alignment is not a part of an MOT, however, it is for your safety, and vehicle performance and also affects other parts of a car that comes under an MOT Bedford.

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