The Need For Dental Implants And Its Right Candidate

Anyone missing one or more teeth can consider teeth replacement for smooth and good oral health. Tooth loss can severely impact your daily life, affecting simple functions such as speaking, chewing, drinking, and, most importantly, your smile. But fortunately, there are numerous ways to treat missing teeth problems. The most viable missing teeth solutions the best dentist in Encino can give you are:

  1. Dental implants are reasonable permanent solutions for missing teeth. Dental implants are uniquely designed for every patient.
  2. Bridges are non-removable tools to replace missing teeth. The bridges are manufactured from ceramic fused with metal, which gives a natural look.
  3. Dentures are removable dental tools to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. There are two dentures – a complete full set and a partial one.

Dental implant treatment is a prevalent and effective method to treat and replace one or more teeth. The procedure involves a titanium screw into the jawbone that serves as the root for the abutment and fake crown.

Before knowing about dental implants in detail, it is essential to know the causes of tooth loss. Here are the standard causes of tooth loss causes:

  • Gum Disease:

    Any Periodontal disease or gum disease can make your teeth fall, and Plaque build-up is the primary reason for these diseases. Inflammation, bleeding gums, or discomfort are some common symptoms of gum disease. If someone feels pain in their gums, they should consult their dentist. 

  • Injuries:

          Accidents can happen anytime in sports, in cars, or around the house that might result in tooth loss.

  • Cavities:

    If you have cavities in your teeth, you should visit your dentist. Decay or injured teeth can have cavities in your teeth that might spread deeper to the roots.

  • Teeth Clenching and Grinding:

    Many people have a terrible habit of teeth clenching and grinding that might contribute to tooth loss or fracture.

Candidate for dental implants:

The ideal candidate for dental implants:

The perfect dental implant candidate is people with one or more missing teeth and is in good oral health. Good oral health is necessary is vital as it is an invasive treatment process.

Patients with a missing tooth:

The best thing about dental implants is that they help in treating a single missing tooth or multiple teeth—a patient who had a tooth extraction recently. The implants have several benefits: they prevent bone loss, fit comfortably, and are long-lasting.

Good gum and bone health:

A patient undergoing a dental implant must have Good gum and bone health because dental implants will sit in their mouth for a long time. Good dental health can reduce the risk of implant failure.

You need to find a specialist with significant experience when you need treatment for missing teeth. A most experienced dentist will recommend dental implants Encino as the most viable solution.


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