The Top 5 Advantages of Custom Build Websites

It seems impossible for any business to function in the present era without having an online presence of some kind. And while many businesses have utilized social media as a marketing platform to introduce their brands to the public, doing so is no longer sufficient to set you apart from the competition. This is due to the fact that practically all businesses nowadays, no matter how tiny, have a social presence. Internet sites The bare minimum you require to truly differentiate yourself from the competition is a Custom Build Website that features information about your business and informs potential clients of who you are and what you do.

There Are Three Primary Methods For Developing A Business Website:

  • Platforms for building websites (Wix, SITE123, 1&1, etc)
  • Managed by open source software (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc)
  • Professionally created, one-of-a-kind websites that are suited to your business’s demands. Each of these has pros and cons, but today I want to talk about the top five advantages of choosing bespoke website development services.

1. Individuality

Unless, of course, you pay to have a Custom Build Website theme produced, though this can be pricey, you’re typically given a ready-made theme to work with when utilizing a custom build website or CMS software. This theme enables you to insert specific elements into pages in predefined styles, which may provide the appearance of uniqueness when you’re actually constrained by the theme’s restrictions. Therefore, even though you’re developing something from scratch with your own unique vision, it will unavoidably resemble the hundreds or even thousands of other websites that use the same theme. There is no theme for Custom Build Website. Your website’s architecture is created according to your specifications and is unrestricted in terms of how it can look. This implies that no two websites will ever have the identical design.

By centering the design and development on the narrative that your consumers are most likely to follow, you can create your site around the customer journey and stand out from the competition.

2. Speed

Many custom build website and CMSs provide a ton of built-in features. This is done to accommodate as many various types of users as possible, enabling these platforms and systems to reach the broadest audience feasible. The issue is that every custom build website on these platforms includes all of this capability, whether or not it is necessary. Bloatware, as it is frequently referred to, can damage the technical architecture of the site, which can impact how long it takes for the website to load. It can also make things more complicated for users. A customer’s decision to buy from you or not can often come down to how quickly your website loads, especially now that so many people access the internet using mobile devices and mobile broadband. Over 50% of website visits are abandoned if a page takes longer than three seconds to load, according to a white paper published by Google through the DoubleClick platform on how speed affects publisher earnings.

You can fully prevent bloatware and unwanted functionality by developing your website from scratch. Building each of the features for your site helps you to optimize both the functionality and the design for these functions, further lowering load times, in addition to avoiding needless functionality.

3. Safety

On the internet, website security has long been a hot topic. However, due to significant security breaches in recent years (Ashley Madison and Equifax are two prominent examples), search engines and users are now paying close attention to internet and website security. It has gotten to the point where Google has configured Chrome to immediately alert users when they enter any data on a form that is hosted on a page without SSL enabled. Google has been advocating for an SSL-encrypted web since before this year, hinting that they may include SSL as part of their ranking system in the future. But since this never really took off, the danger has been placed fully on the shoulders of websites that accept any type of data over non-SSL pages rather than penalizing website owners for not using SSL.

Whether it’s an open source CMS or a website builder, using an existing platform to create your website exposes it to security flaws that also affect all other websites built on that platform. This implies that any website using that platform, including all others, could be compromised using a vulnerability discovered on one of those websites.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

A crucial component of getting your business online is having a website that can expand quickly as your organization expands. Therefore, for any organization aiming to grow in the digital world, it is essential to have your digital presence developed with a system that is both scalable to handle bigger volumes of traffic and adaptable so that it is simple to add new capabilities to the existing platform. Because website builders are neither flexible nor scalable, their usefulness for any significant business is highly constrained. The business owner will be forced to convert to either a CMS or a Custom Build Website once the lifespan of a website created using a website builder is up.

Open source CMSs do offer far more scalability and flexibility, but they also have a higher cost and typically need to be managed by a firm or professional. (When DQ Media first started, we decided to use WordPress for all of our projects. However, we soon discovered that doing so was much more expensive due to the constraints and resources needed to scale WordPress projects and modify them to suit our needs.)

You can design your Custom Made Website with scalability in mind if you construct it from scratch. Additionally, a project that is designed from the ground up is more adaptable to change because you do not need to work with superfluous functionality to upgrade your site. This is because it has less dependent functionality built in.

5. Functionality That Is Designed for Your Company

It shouldn’t just be about branding and marketing while creating a website. The opportunity to Custom Made Website for your organization is one of the greatest and most crucial reasons to do so. Although open source CMSs give you a lot of flexibility, it may often be difficult and expensive to get the functionality to run in a way that benefits your organization.


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