The Ultimate Guide To CBD For Sex Use From CBD By Medizen

Because this cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory properties aid to ease muscle tension and CBD works on localized discomfort that might cause unpleasant sex, using CBD For Sex is an underappreciated issue that shouldn’t be disregarded. Applying CBD topically via a suppository, transdermal patch, or lubricant can reduce pain while reducing inflammation, fighting dryness, and increasing blood flow. Each of these approaches will be discussed in this article by CBD By Medizen, along with the reasons why both men and women are utilizing CBD to experience more fulfilling sex since it fosters intimacy and pleasure.

Cannabis And Sexual Behavior

Our hectic lives are not beneficial to our sexual lives. Stress, emotions, and life events all significantly affect how open we are to intimacy. If your nervous system is always on high alert, intimacy may be difficult to access. When cortisol is constantly flowing, our CBD For Sex hormones become less important, and people’s libidos are significantly impacted by the rise in stress levels. Because survival takes precedence over sex, there is a direct association between stress and a drop in sex hormones or even Sex Carts drive.

Hormones, inflammation, trauma that triggers hormonal and physiological responses to endometriosis, menopause, postpartum, and persistent, chronic tightness in the pelvis are additional elements that affect our ability to experience sexual pleasure. The correct cannabis products work with the body to enhance pleasure, reduce discomfort, and raise sensitivity, whether it’s for boosting mood or getting through pain. The first decision to be made is whether THC or CBD is the key component required to achieve the desired results.

THC Versus CBD For Sex

Because there are currently insufficient studies comparing the effects of CBD and THC, recommendations are only supported by user experience. In order to enhance the blood flow into the tissues, which is the main objective and foundation of arousal, both CBD and THC are vasodilators. CBD has anti-inflammatory qualities that relieve muscle tension if you experience any pain during sex.

THC-containing topicals have a more potent or immediately apparent impact, but not everyone wants THC to be a part of their experience. Direct application of cannabis lubricant to the vagina causes it to be absorbed into the bloodstream, which might be problematic for people who avoid THC out of habit or due to drug testing. Although it’s a matter of personal preference, oral CBD For Sex is an integral component of the sexual experience, and CBD won’t cause a “providing” partner to test positive for drugs. Higher THC doses do not benefit men in terms of intimacy because they are more likely to cause couch lock, disassociation, impotence, and loss of Sex Carts drive. Due to legality, product accessibility is another consideration. While THC is exclusively available in licensed dispensaries, CBD lube is sold all over the country.

Your Body & CBD

Because of all the stressors in daily life, cannabis helps to enhance what your body already accomplishes naturally. The pelvic region of the female body has the second-highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors after the brain. Both THC and CBD have vasodilating properties, which means they facilitate blood flow into the tissues, which is the main cause of arousal. The Endocannabinoid System, often known as the ECS, is our body’s internal regulatory system and contains cannabinoid receptors. Consuming THC or CBD causes our systems to naturally generate endocannabinoids like anandamide, sometimes known as “the pleasure molecule,” to become active.

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