Tips for a Tidier Computer Desk

Try making these easy adjustments to greatly improve the visual appeal of your computer setup.

Due to the increase in telecommuting jobs and at-home video gaming. Home offices equipped with computers are gaining popularity. Having a specific desk space for your computer isn’t enough; it needs to be perfectly organized. A good setup will have everything in its proper place and won’t have cables lying about on the floor or table.

It may be difficult to get a pristine computer setup owing to the plethora of wires and peripherals that need to be managed. In order to set up properly, you can use these suggestions.

1. Make Use of an Extending Cable

You should count the quantity of wires you’ll be using on a workstation with many gadgets. Another difficulty is that there isn’t enough wall outlet space to plug in all the gadgets. Thus, you need a single power supply with several outlets. That’s why you need to equip your set up with an extension cord.

A 10-gauge extension cable would be ideal for this use. It’s perfect because of its one-of-a-kind advantages, such as its shock-proofing for PCs and its ability to power several devices at once. It’s also great for keeping the space immediately adjacent to your desk neat and clear of trip hazards like a tangle of cords on the ground.

2. Use add-on hardware that connects through USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth

As a result of the many components of your computer setup, your desk may quickly get cluttered. Computer input devices such as keyboards, mice, audio output devices like headphones and microphones, etc. The amount of cords needed to link all of these gadgets to the computer will make the table too crowded to be practical for other purposes. Moving these gadgets on the desk causes the cords to become tangled considerably more often.

Bluetooth’s dongles allow the mouse and keyboard to communicate wirelessly with a computer. Bluetooth’s technology allows you to link up with other devices that deal with music and communication. Rather of utilizing cumbersome USB connections, you may use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transfer files between your phone and PC. Connect your printer or other device to the local area network (LAN) and exchange files with it.

3. Zip ties that may be reused

Zip ties come in two varieties: those that can be used again and again, and those that can’t. The ones that can be used again and again are the reusable ones. As a result, you’ll want them in the future when you need to connect extra cables to the existing ones. Especially when purchasing new equipment like a scanner or printer. Non-reusable zip ties are sometimes preferable, although they require constant replacement.

In addition to its practicality, zip files may also be used to declutter your desk. A zip tie can be used to secure the cords from the displays, keyboard, and mouse to the rear of the central processing unit. If you want to set up your PC clean, follow the for better results. In addition, they may be used to safely anchor the power cords. They are not only useful for communicating with the outside world. But also for constructing your central processing unit. To make room within the CPU for other parts like fans, hard drives, and DVD drives, you can secure the wires with the ties.

4. The Role of Stands

The amount of desk real estate available for peripherals like additional screens and central processing units (CPUs) can be severely compromised by the size of a single monitor. Mounting the screen on a stand will free up some floor space underneath. Not only that, but the stand’s height is easily modified to suit changing needs. Toss in some notepads, pads, and pencils, and you’ve got plenty of room.The stand is versatile enough to accommodate various devices, such as headphones.

Headsets should not be left lying around; instead, a dedicated stand adjacent to the screen can be used. The stand will play a crucial role in preventing harm to the headset from events like accidental drops. It also prevents the cord from being entangled with other wires.

5. A mat for gaming

The computer configuration may be used for a variety of tasks, including work, play, and fun. You’ll need a mat for your keyboard and mouse no matter what, thanks to their generous dimensions. Buying a smaller pad only for the mouse will take up room that may be put to better use elsewhere. You may confidently place your mouse and keyboard on the mat without fear of their sliding or falling off the table. As the mats are designed to withstand repeated, heavy use.

6. Create a seating chart for the office

Setting up the setup desk in the right spot can help you maintain a neat and tidy work environment. Arrange the various parts in their appropriate places. If you want to put the monitor in the middle of the table, that’s where you should do it. The monitor and input devices can be placed front and centre. Underneath the table is where you may hide the computer and other necessities for gaming. The computer processor can be placed on the ground, and a separate area for a gaming console can be built.

It doesn’t matter which side of the display you put the printers, scanners, or headphones on. Even them out so that traffic isn’t heavier on one side.


As you set up your computer, prioritize the cleanliness, order, and security of its components. As a result, you should make use of the stands and zip ties to keep things neat and tidy. Patience and perseverance are required. If you want to chill down and have fun while doing it, try some THC oil. Using network, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity, you may reduce the number of cables cluttering your desk. It’s also possible to utilize extension cables to link everything together.

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