Top Email Marketing Softwares for Financial Services Companies in 2020

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When I was not yet introduced to the financial services sector, I simply thought that it was just meant for providing us with the details of transactions or policies. But now, as a grown-up and working in the marketing sector, I really want to go back and tell myself, ‘Oh you silly human. It is so much more’.

Email marketing is like an infinity stone in the hands of a financial services company. No customer wants to spend extra time dialing a call and asking for particular information. Customers want everything in one swift motion. And that is why there is no other perfect choice than emails.

Companies who provide financial services are investing a lot in email marketing because it has proved to be a successful venture. In fact, whether you are a stock trading broker, financial, mutual fund, or investment advisor, you’ll need an email marketing strategy to keep your customers engaged.

An email marketing strategy is not about sending emails every day to your customers. You can send a weekly or monthly email and still drive engagement. The financial sector draws the attention of a lot of spammers. And that is why there are strict laws for it. Each email undergoes several authentication tests and therefore, each business needs to comply with the SPAM laws. The need is to send emails without spamming your subscribers.

So, to keep at par with your customers, I am mentioning some of the best email marketing software in the market that you should watch out for this year:


Want to add an intuitive feel to your email marketing? If yes, there is no better option than SendX. This tool optimizes your email campaigns by employing over 30 parameters to ensure a unique customer journey. Besides being the most affordable email marketing software, it allows you to send unlimited emails to your opted-in subscribers.

In the financial sector, one needs to be on their toes to provide all the information to their customers. And well, with SendX you can maintain regular communication with your customers, design emails with built-in premium templates, create promotional campaigns, analyze customer’s behavior, and more.

One thing that is most commendable about SendX is that they are really serious about providing excellent customer support. You can reach out to them via live chat, email, or even a phone call.

As a financial service provider, it is an ingrained behavior to check the affordability factor. SendX provides a monthly plan starting from just $7.49 for your first 1000 subscribers.

Choose this tool if you want best-in-class deliverability so that your leads turn into potential customers.

Campaign Monitor

If you believe in the concepts of design, you can create responsive and engaging emails with this tool. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to start everything from scratch because they have beautiful and neat email templates available at hand.

Most of your customers probably check their emails on their mobile phones and the templates provided by Campaign Monitor perform well in that too.

Talking about segmentation features, this software provides advanced options to segment your email base. And if you want more, they even provide many integration options with 3rd party apps.

Their monthly paid plan starts from $9 wherein you can send up to 2,500 emails across campaigns and automated emails. 


It is a quite popular tool among marketers. It is super easy to use and has maintained successful email deliverability over the years. They maintain a massive library of decent newsletter templates. One thing that stands out is the ability to create automated email sequences along with A/B test campaigns.

And in terms of their support, they provide a phone number if you face any difficulties. And let me tell you, most of the software providers just mention a support email id in case of any query. So that counts as a big deal, right?

Talking about their pricing, they have displayed everything in the open with no hidden costs. Moreover, whatever plan you choose, you’ll get all the features without any limitations. Their monthly paid plan starts from $29 for 500 to 2500 subscribers.


These guys have a mission on their minds. They want to empower businesses with marketing solutions so that they can rise to great heights by providing customers with a seamless experience.

This tool is a great fit for you if you want to create amazing automation sequences. They have rich-features like marketing automation, advanced email marketing, messaging services, sales CRM, and more.

Their customers love them and have never faced any hassle in contacting their support team. Besides providing email segmentation, advanced reporting, and a fair share of integration options, they provide free migration services to transition from one software to ActiveCampaign.

If you want to create logic-based marketing funnels, ActiveCampaign might be the one for you. Their monthly paid plan starts from $17 for 1000 contacts with no sending limit.


Many marketers have fallen for this cute chimp. They are one of the leading email marketing tools out there in the market. With over 1 billion emails sent per day, they have a huge customer base.

They have a fair number of decent template designs but provide advanced email marketing features like contact segmentation, autoresponders, social media integrations, time-zone and geolocation-based sending, and more.

You may face little hiccups while working with their workflow editor, but once your hands are set, no one can stop you from engaging your customers. Although they provide a forever free plan, I don’t think it will be of use to you because their free plan is usually employed by bloggers, individuals, or those who are just giving it a try. Moreover, you won’t be getting rid of that chimp watermark.

If you want to go for their monthly paid plan, it starts at $9.99. Mailchimp’s pricing is a bit overwhelming for small-sized businesses but if you have a good budget, it won’t be a problem.


It is a powerful email marketing software along with providing SMS services. Initially, they were more into sending transaction-based emails, but over the years, they have grown and developed into a full-blown email and SMS marketing tool.

They are very generous to provide a free plan wherein you can send 300 emails per day and add unlimited contacts to your email base. It is easy-to-use software with rich-features like email list management, email layout optimization, reporting and analytics, and a fair number of 3rd party integration options.

It is mostly used by businesses to send bulk emails along with SMS. This tool could be a great fit for you because SMS service is still widely used in the financial sector to provide small updates to the customers. This tool is based on the volume factor and has nothing to do with your contact list size.

Their monthly paid plan starts from $25 with a sending limit of 40,000 emails in a month.

Constant Contact

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you should consider giving Constant Contact a chance. It is a beginner-friendly tool with multiple customization options.

They provide a number of mobile-optimized templates that are quite responsive in driving conversions and engagement. As I am mentioning one great thing about each tool, this one has a unique capability to create drip campaigns. Besides, the dashboard of Constant Contact displays your most relevant and important email metrics to keep you aligned with what’s going on.

But if you are looking for automation tools and features, this one might not go well with your plan. It is a great tool for those who have almost no experience in email marketing and are self-doers. With an observable decent email-deliverability, it is a tool that comes with a lot of experience.

Their paid plan starts from $5 and is based on the number of contacts in your email base wherein you can send up to 10,000 emails per month.

In Conclusion

Financial Service Companies who leverage email marketing are constantly evolving their strategy to create compelling content that engages their audience. I know, it is a very busy industry. That is why email marketing software comes into the picture to make some tasks easy for them.

These email marketing tools have the ability to automate your sales cycles, nurture your leads, segment your customer base, track your progress, and so much more. Maybe, that’s why financial services are gaming up their marketing strategies by sending personalized messages and taking extra care of customers via email communication.

What do you think? Is email marketing an ultimate weapon in the hands of financial services companies? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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This blog is written by Shivani Srivastava. A content marketer by heart, Shivani is passionate about writing anything in the field of the technological landscape. She’s written this guest blog for SendX: Email Marketing Software.

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