Turn On Enhanced & Spotify Will Improve Your Boring Playlists For You

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One of Spotify‘s latest recommendation tricks is Enhanced, a feature that scans a user’s playlist and automatically adds songs that fit with the current theme and style. The music streaming service already has a few neat tricks that make the discovery of new music easier. For example, the radio feature plays hours of music based on one song (artist or playlist) that a user currently enjoys listening to.

The Discovery Weekly playlist, on the other hand, is a weekly compilation of 30 news songs that users might love based on their listening history over the past seven days. Then there is the Daily Mixes playlist, which blends music from all genres that users listen to and presents a great mix of unexplored new music that will fit with their taste. Finally, there is Release Radar, which analyses the listening pattern and then curates a list of 30 new songs that have come out over the past week. The aforementioned tool somewhat overlaps with the purpose of the What’s New feature.

While discovering fresh music hasn’t been much of an issue on Spotify, maintaining and growing multiple playlists simultaneously can be a painstaking task. This is where Enhanced comes to the rescue. Enhanced reads an existing playlist, and with the press of a button, automatically adds new tracks to the playlist that the user might like based on their taste and listening habit. Spotify claims that Enhanced is the way to create a perfect playlist, and it actually works quite well. However, Enhanced is exclusive to Spotify Premium subscribers, which costs $9.99 per month for a single listener, and $15.99 per month for a family with six users. For users without a Spotify Premium subscription, the Spotify Mixes feature might be of some help here.

The best part about Spotify Enhanced is that enabling it doesn’t require a multi-step journey. At the top of each playlist, users will see an Enhanced button. Just tap the Enhanced button and Spotify will add one song for every two songs in the playlist. Each recommended song can be identified with a bright green sparkle icon just below the song title. To make sure that things don’t get too chaotic, Spotify will only add a maximum of 30 songs to each playlist. Another great thing about Spotify’s new feature is that it doesn’t replace any existing songs in the playlist and all recommended tracks can be removed at once by simply tapping on the Enhanced button at the top.

However, if users like a song recommendation, adding it to the playlist is just as easy. Simply tap the rounded plus icon in front of a recommended song’s name and it will become a permanent member of that playlist. Enhanced happens to be a non-invasive way of sprucing up one’s music library, one playlist at a time, without the risks of messing it up. In case users appreciate a song but don’t want to add the song to their playlist, they can like that track and it will appear in the ‘a collection for you’ section for liked songs. For now, Enhanced is available on the Spotify app on Android and iOS, although users in certain regions may have to wait for it to roll out in their location.


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