Upcoming News To Lina Morgana Haunts Lady Gaga and Boyfriends Latest Update

In more people-stealing-credit-from-Lady-Gaga news, Lina Morgana claims that her now-deceased daughter, Lina Morgana, shaped Gaga into the superstar she is today. She wants to release the songs that she and Lina recorded before Lina, 19 years old, committed suicide.

Lina’s ex manager claims that Gaga wrote some of her songs and that they also recorded 12 other songs together, which were not released. According to NYPost.com, Morgana claims Gaga stole her daughter’s fashion style, performance techniques, and dramatic stagecraft. According to Morgana, Gaga also claimed that she took her daughter’s dark side. She said: “[Gaga] speaks about a dark, tragic life but she had all she wanted in this world. She attended the same high school as Nicky Hilton, and her parents were wealthy. Lina had a difficult life.” Gaga made her national debut a month after Lina’s death.

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I reached out to Gaga’s publicist for comments. (UPDATE: Gaga did not respond to my repeated requests for comment on Friday. Forbes has estimated that the pop star earned $62 million between June 2009 and June 2010. This is not the first time other people have attempted to steal her success. Rob Fusari, an ex-boyfriend and producer sued the artist earlier this month for $30 million. He claimed he found her. In March, she countersued.

After a Vogue cover featuring Lady Gaga with raw meat, the Morgana accusation was made. You have to give her credit for making headlines, no matter how gimmicky.

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